September 1, 2014

September - A Look Ahead

August didn’t exactly turn out the way I expected it to, so I’m going to roll with the punches in September. “Adaptability” is the watchword of the month.

We will find out this week about the results of Mr. Jim’s CAT scan and whether another series of chemotherapy treatments are recommended at this time. Whatever the outcome, we’ll face it together and with as much cheer and fortitude as we can muster. One thing is for sure. Mr. Jim’s fighting spirit over the past 15 months has been nothing short of inspiring!

August 27, 2014

Photo of the Week - Summer Storm Clouds

~ a view from our front yard ~

Health Update:

I am deviating from my usual Wednesday photographic-related post and providing you a brief health update.

Mr. Jim got his CAT scan done on Monday afternoon, but he is not getting the results today. He decided to change his oncologist appointment and focus on taking care of me during my eye surgery recovery. So his revised appointment is Wednesday next week.

My surgery went very well yesterday. The medical staff were terrific, especially my ocular surgeon. I was able to convince them to try the operation without general anesthesia, given the recovery difficulties I had after hernia surgery last month. I was awake during the procedure but in absolutely no pain. The surgeon and I chatted all the way through it. She said it was the most fun she had ever had during a surgery, and I can say the same thing, LOL. She found and removed a small lesion and corrected the prolapsed condition of the lacrimal gland. Biopsy results for carcinoma were negative, and I’ll find out if there are any other underlying diseases next week.

My right eye is very swollen and bruised right now. It looks like I lost a fight in a boxing ring! I have to take a lot of care and precautions for the next five days in particular. Ice and elevation are the two primary requirements. I also need to rest a lot and avoid any lifting until I have a return visit with the doctor next Tuesday. My typical activities (including computer time) will be significantly curtailed while I heal up over the next couple of weeks.

Thank you for all of your prayers! Please keep them coming.

August 25, 2014

It's Time for More Prayers!

We hosted a dinner party last week for some neighbor friends. Instead of a big flower arrangement for our dining room table, I decided to feature a miniature bouquet at each place setting. Amber medicine bottles served as the vases. Vinca blossoms and fresh rosemary sprigs provided jaunty color. The mini-decorations were a hit!

Please keep us in your prayers this week. Mr. Jim will get an updated CAT scan this afternoon. Then we will meet with his oncologist on Wednesday to find out the results and decide on where we go from here.

On Tuesday, I will have a biopsy near my right eye. I’ve seen a total of six doctors for an ocular swelling condition, and I decided to allow the last doctor to perform the surgery. We assume that it is a benign inflammatory condition, but it is best to rule out possible underlying diseases. She will also take a little tuck on my eyelid to correct droopiness that has occurred in the past few months. Realignment of my right eye will have to wait for another time and another specialist.

We appreciate your warm thoughts, prayers, and friendship! I will provide an update later on this week, as time allows.

August 24, 2014

Small Town Exploration

This month is rapidly coming to a close.  We’ve been staying busy, but we have also been filling our days with relaxation and visits with friends.  A couple of weeks ago, we ventured over to the quaint historic area of a nearby small town called Clinton.  Our mission?  We wanted to check out some of Clinton's charming antique stores!

August 17, 2014

Free Photography E-Books

The weather forecast here in east Tennessee is calling for a hot and humid week, with a high percentage of thunderstorms each day. That’s typical for August! We beat the heat by staying inside when it’s too oppressive, and we read a lot of books on our electronic devices (Kindles and iPad).

So I was happy to recently find a generous listing of free photography e-books. There are 46 in all, and the links can be found HERE and HERE. Perhaps you would like to read a few of these e-books too! Many of them are provided as pdf files, so you can easily save them to your computer. Go on and grab them while you can…