February 25, 2008

Keeping It Clean & Fun

Developing this blog has been quite enjoyable for the past two months. Now that I have jumped into it, I can easily see how blogging becomes a creative outlet for many people. When I first started, I worried if I could find enough subject matter to discuss and share. But my worries were unfounded, and I now think of new topics every day.

Red Hollyhocks
My goal is to keep this blog clean and fun. I will add new posts on a semi-regular basis, every week or so. I am newly retired and suddenly allergic to deadlines. So there will not be a set schedule, LOL! I have included some neat blog tools for a little frivolity. And, since eye candy has no calories, I will be sharing pictures on a regular basis.

I hope that you will find something interesting to read and see when you stop in for a visit! Your comments are always welcomed. I would be plum tickled if you bookmarked my site and visited it often.


  1. I love to visit, and I love "eye candy"!LOL...have fun today!

  2. I love your little bunny at the top of your page!


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