August 31, 2008

More Awards and Blushing

I'm blushing about all the awards I have picked up lately. My goodness, I am afraid to look in the mirror and see if my head is swelling. Below are the awards and my sweet friends who are creating this embarrassment:

Blogging Friends Forever Award from Joan at Joan's Journeys

Brillante Weblog Award from Kim at Homesteader's Heart

I Love Your Blog Award from Joni at Morning Coffee

Thank you so much, ladies! I am honored that my blog is a place you love to visit. I am so very glad to have discovered your blogs too, and grateful for the cheer you give me on a regular basis.

I am supposed to pass on all of these awards. But I am going to risk getting tickets from the blogging police, LOL, and call out “uncle”. Please forgive me for not going through all the hoops of formally passing them on! I am spending more time getting household things in order these days and less time on the computer. If your blog is listed on my Blog Roll, that is a sure-fired sign that I routinely visit your blog and want to keep up with your joys, life, and dreams. If you don’t have one already, please snag the I Love Your Blog Award and put it on your site, OK?! You deserve it!

To celebrate her 200th post, Sally at Whispering Hope created a lovely graphic to share with her faithful readers. She didn’t name it, so I have dubbed it the Friendship Angel Award. Congratulations for achieving this milestone, Sally! Keep on writing and I'll keep on reading!


  1. Good luck with all your 'stuff' and the de-cluttering. I wish that I could convince my hubbie to get rid of some of that "really important stuff that might come in handy one day".


  2. Thanks, Sharon! It's amazing what I have discovered tucked away in boxes and in the closets. STUFF that I "mentally" threw away a long time ago. It's alike a mini time capsule, LOL! It's been easier than I thought to do the tossing. It's getting hard on my back though and I may take a rest tomorrow!

  3. Hi Donna,

    Congrats on your awards. You deserve them. I hope you are making progress on your decluttering(is that a word??) LOL Have a great week.

  4. Thank you, Joan! Yes, I've made some terrific progress on decluttering and tossing. Still a LOT to go. Took a little break yesterday afternoon to do some sewing.

  5. Hi Donna. Congratulations on your awards, and also on decluttering. It's a job I sometimes start, but never seem to see through to the end. (sigh)

  6. Thanks, Dabrah! Decluttering is a never-ending task for most everyone!


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