October 26, 2008

Evins Mill

this is the tranquil view of Evins Mill on the road to the inn
On my last post, I promised to share some pictures of charming Evins Mill. Sorry for a bit of delay, but my bad knee has been paining me something awful since we got back from our trip. I think it has been taking revenge for the rest of me having a good time, LOL.

The property’s history dates back to 1824, when a Tennessee Land Grant recorded it as Lockhart’s Mill. There have been numerous owners over the years, but it gets its current name from Edgar Evins, a state senator and businessman. He bought the property in 1937 and built the present mill two years later. Milling operations ceased after only five years. But the family continued to use the property as a summer retreat after Mrs. Evans built the log-cabin styled lodge. The complex is now owned by a Nashville family business.

every mill has to have a dam!

looking up from the dam, you can see the main lodge peeking through the trees
Because of structural problems with the gristmill wheel foundation, neither the granary nor gristmill is operational. However, the mill building has been refurbished to include a game hall for guests at the inn and also a conference center. The grounds also provide a beautiful backdrop for numerous weddings parties.

this is the view of the mill from the opposite side of the dam
The mill building is accessible from the inn via a long, vertical series of stairs. Since I am trying to avoid a lot of stairs these days, we opted for a very short drive over to it for exploration. We had an enjoyable afternoon visiting the mill and sat a while in some big wooden rockers on a deck overlooking the pond. It was a gorgeous fall day!

we saw some big fish, but we bet there are lots of turtles and frogs in this pond too!


  1. Oh Donna That rotten Knee of yours...
    It robs you of so much!
    Glad you are not to be kept down and just get on with it!!
    Your pic's are worth the wait though ,it looks so beautiful there,
    I love the pond with the mossy covering...And Mills are so Romantic,I have been to oly two and just thought they were beautiful!

  2. Hi Donna,

    I am so sorry your knee is giving you more problems. My back is acting up today also, maybe we should get together and have some wine to ease our pain. :-) Anyway, this place looks like somewhere I would love to go. That first photo with the reflection is great! I hope you feel better soon.

  3. What a beautiful place! I bet the peace and quiet were enjoyable too.

  4. What a lovely tour you have provided us Donna. and so sorry you are having all the pain though ..would cortisone shots help? Sound slike somethign you won't be able to put off...surgery..but hope you won't have to go that route. take good care!

  5. Hi Donna!
    I love how you take us along on your journeys!The pictures are so beautiful!!!!! So when is your next trip?

  6. Oh I was just scrolling down and looking at all the other pictures I missed. How beautiful is that Inn. What history in the mill. Thank you so much for sharing your trip. We want to someday take a road trip across America with the kids for a "history" lesson for school lol.
    Hugs my friend.

  7. I'm glad that all of you have enjoyed this little travel review! I have a few more topics to feature from this little trip, so stay tuned for more posts! And, we've got a another neat trip lined up November too!

    I am still resting my knee. There is nothing that can be done for it except for drastic surgery, which is out of the question right now. Prayers for a reduced pain level are greatly appreciated!

  8. Thanks for a beautiful post! Love the pictures and the descriptions. Hate to hear of your knee problems. I've known several people with knee replacement surgery. It's a tough surgery, but most seem pleased with the results.

  9. Thanks, Karen! No time for such surgery right now. We're hoping to move and build a new home. The knee has been bad for 20 years, so it's going to have to wait longer, LOL.

  10. OH, Donna that is bad news about your knee...I have just had a cortisone injection in my shoulder ..trying to stave off an op..for a bit...

    Lovely photos of the old mill...good on you...I think I knwo what the surprise is going to be!

    Thanks for your visit to my blog and my SUN HALO...



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