October 17, 2008

Western USA Vacation - Grand Junction

Okay folks! It’s time to start a new series of posts devoted to our latest big vacation! As you may recall, we took in late September a Tauck World Discovery tour of National Park areas in eastern Utah and western Colorado. Because the tour did not include the Colorado National Monument, we decided to start the trip early with a few days on our own.

Our journey began in the town of Grand Junction, Colorado. We stayed at a downtown hotel and were very impressed with the quaint character and ambiance of the town’s historical area. We had fun exploring and walking down Main Street, particularly the first evening. It was the very last farmers’ market of the year and the place was buzzing with people and many of their furry friends. Adding to the charm of this downtown is a huge outdoor sculpture exhibit. (Please put your mouse pointer over the pictures for captions.)

this was the last farmers' market of the season in Grand Junction
many downtown visitors brought along their well-behaved, furry friends
some of us old folks still remember the five and dime stores!
isn't this art deco building lovely?
this metal sculpture appeared to be a working clock!
this big piggy had a great smile on his face
what a stunning angel cherub!
Grand Junction has several microbreweries and a multitude of wineries. Just a short walk from our hotel, we dined and satisfied our thirst at the Rockslide Brew Pub & Restaurant. The sign over the door said to come on in and so we did! In addition to delicious food, hubby had the “raspberry wheat” beer and I had the “rabbit ears amber ale”. YUM!

it didn't take us long to find a good place to eat and wet our whistles!
we HAD to obey the brewery sign!
On the day that we traveled to the Grand Mesa, we had a lovely visit at the St. Kathryn Winery and bought some bottles to enjoy and share during our week-long trip. We were also entranced by the dramatic scenery in the Palisades area, about a dozen miles east of Grand Junction.

a gorgeous plateau is on the northern boundary of Palisades
I hope you enjoyed this first chapter! What will be the next feature of this series? Grand Mesa National Forest!


  1. lOVE the name rockslide brewery!!
    I don't drink beer but the names of what you both shared in may even tempt me to try!
    Your photos are so lovely!
    I need the "get in here" sign at my back door!!
    I am always trying to get kids in for baths at the end of a long day playing outside:)

  2. Isn't that cool?! Their food was great! And during happy hour, the beers were discounted and they had BIG servings of appetizers for just $5! We were happy, happy travelers, LOL.

    Thank you for enjoying my photos! Yep, you need to have a sign made up like that. It made hubby and I obey, hahaha!

  3. I am Seriously in love with the poodle!!hahahaaaa....Great picture sweetie!!!hughugs

  4. I love being able to visit all of the places that you did through your pictures! The copper pig is great as is the Palisades Plateau! Good beer, good wines, sounds like a great trip.

  5. Oh donna...this was so neat to see..my best friend just returned from Grand Junction visiting her kids there......nice to see their down town area and will email this to Jan to see...thanks for the tour! yes..that is one sign( get in here) that I would want to obey! LOL

  6. I mean what more can you do when they tell you to "Get in Here" lol.
    Um, I really like that pig statue and was wondering if you could possibly pick one of those up for me next time you are out there! Just send it with the postcard lol.
    I love your adventures! Keep em' coming.

  7. I hope your friend enjoys these pictures, Cindy! It was a neat town, and we wished we had time to explore it more!

    I laughed out loud when I saw that sign! Too cute.

  8. Thank you, Brenda! It's fun to bring a little slice of life to everyone!

  9. Wow..what a vacation...thanks for sharing it with us. It reminds and encourages me that I must try to see a bit more of the US when I come to visit Jo and co. next...that Grand Mesa has always fascinated me...mmm...likewise the Grand Canyon...mm...

    Love your OLD collection also..and thanks for your visit to my Old Abbey post...and your comments.


  10. We're trying to pack in those "trips of a lifetime", Annie! This is an extraordinary country, with many natural wonders. You just have to go exploring! Glad you liked my "old" collection of photos too.

    My sincere condolences on your sweet pooch. It breaks my heart! I always loved seeing her picture on your sidebar too.

  11. Hey! this is where I live!!! I was raised in Palisade and currently live right outside the city limits of Grand Junction. I was raised in this valley, left for 30 yrs and have now returned. With no plans to ever leave.

    we are very proud of our history and our valley, I am thrilled that you had a great experience. Wine making is a relatively new industry in the Grand Valley (about 20 yrs or so old). We have great peaches and pears and apricots too!

    your last picture is my fortress. Mt Garfield. I look at him frequently, he makes me feel safe.

  12. Yeah, I thought you would recognize all of this, Tonjia! We flew right when you decided to head south for a little trip. It's a great town you got there!

    Mt. Garfield, huh? Glad to know the name! I'll try to remember to edit the photo caption!

  13. Hi Donna,

    How did I miss this post?? LOL This looks like a great vacation. I've never been to this part of the country but hope to visit someday. Love the pig,angel and clock photo, really cool. I like your captions when you roll over the photos also. Fun!


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