November 10, 2008

Giving Thanks - A Bloggy Giveaway

Since November is a special month to give thanks, I have decided to host a small giveaway for my many blogging readers. I was making a lot of little fabric ornaments this past month for an online swap and also for some local friends. With an assembly line production going, it was easy to make a few extras to share with you!

would you like to win one of these little ornaments?
Look at these cute little fabric ornaments! They are pillow-shaped and the designs are made using a type of quilting technique called paper piecing. I sketched out a tree shape, sectioned off the foliage into four parts, and added a jingle bell topper. One ornament is done with muted, traditional colors, and the second one is made from bright Bali fabrics. If you know how to sew, these are really easy to do. If you are not proficient at sewing but like to work with paper, this type of design could be easily adapted to make adorable, handmade Christmas cards with scrapbook papers.

Would you like to win one to put on your Christmas tree this year? Here’s how to throw your name in the hat:

(1) Leave a comment on this post and tell me which ornament you would like to win: traditional or Bali.
(2) For an additional entry, put a link about this giveaway on your blog and tell me in your posted comment.
(3) If you enter and you have posted at least 3 previous comments in the past month, you will get a bonus entry! This is in special recognition of my faithful blogging friends.
(4) Entries outside the U.S. will be accepted. However, only entries from bloggers with active web sites will be eligible.

This is going to be a quick giveaway contest! The last day to enter is Thursday, November 13. Good luck and thank you for visiting and chatting with me!


  1. Those are adorable ornaments. I love the traditional one. I know how to sew and actually enjoy it but rarely take the time. It's on my list of things to do when I retire! I'll link you on my blog, too!

  2. They are both lovely, but my eyes kept going back to the Bali one. I keep thinking I should do a give-away on my blog, but have no idea what the heck I would give away! Hope your Veterans Day is a good one!

  3. You're very talented! I love both, but don't enter me this go-around as I won't be decorating this year; just know I love visiting with you! :)

  4. Traditional I am! these are adorable...thanks for the opportunity donna..I am adding this to my blog...blessings to you!, cindy

  5. Hi Donna,

    These are so cute!! I love them both but the Bali one would be the one I would pick. I've been thinking about doing a givaway of Christmas earrings that I have just learned how to make but since I am so new at this wire wrapping stuff I'm not happy with my finish product just yet, so we'll see. Fun giveaway!

  6. Donna you are a generous one.
    I like anything made by you.
    So enter me to win either.
    I got lucky once with winning "marty" and 2nd win was getting you my blog buddy!
    Love you lots sister.

  7. Hello my friend. What cute ornaments I would like either one. Oh and I had to throw a little award love your way! Come and get it!

  8. Well, how fun! I like the traditional one.
    How thoughtful of you to do up a giveaway for your blogging friends.

  9. This is a trick...Marty called to warn me....
    These are pretty Sweetie! You make these things look Easy!! Happy night!!hughugs

  10. Hey Donna... Your sweet to offer a give away.. I will add this to my blog also! Have a great day!


  11. This comment is OT, but...

    Saw a comment by you, over on Kari's blog [Just Livin' Large]. Btw, I hope Kari is OK. Worried by lack of posting there. -sigh-

    Anyway, just wondered if you might want to stop by my blog. Which I made, for the sole purpose of calling attention to the crap, which is already, and will be coming from the B.O. admin. In the hope that if Conservative Republicans know... they will become empowered to fight the crap, where ever possible.

    If not, please just ignore this comment. :-) Please and thank you.

    The Phoenix

  12. I love these ornaments and if I was to win I would want the traditional one so I can give it to my daughter Melissa! I will be more than happy to post this wonderful giveaway on my bolg! Thanks Donna!!!!!!

  13. Oh, I want one! These are so cute! You are one talented lady. I like putting ornaments on my tree with special meaning. This would definitely be special. I will post about it on my next post. I visit your blog regularly. I don't always leave comments, but maybe I have left 3 in the last month.

    Thanks so much for all the kindness you show my way.


  14. Hello, Thanks for visiting my new blog today. My Aunt Karen has got me hooked on this. I like your ornaments and would have to go with the traditional one, even though my Christmas tree will probaly have sunflowers on it this year!

  15. I forgot to tell you that I am more of a traditional kind of Christmas ornament person. I hope I win!!

  16. Wow, I checked out your sunflower pics like you suggested. You should make a calender with those! I would buy it. Sure would cheer someone up in the dreery days of winter or anytime as far as that goes!

  17. These are both so beautiful and while I am not officially entering the contest, because I just dropped by to say HELLO...I think you should participate in the christmas ornament exchange I am hosting...your little ornaments are absolutely charming!

    and on a second note, the tree photos you have posted are stunning...!

  18. Donna,

    I don't know if I am making the November 13 deadline (because of time zone) but had to give it a try. I'd love either one! They are beautiful!

    So enter my name if it's not too late...

    Nita Jo


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