November 1, 2008

A Look Ahead - November

We still have a lot of fall color left here in east Tennessee. We are enjoying the late fall season and moderate temperatures. We turned the calendars today here at the cottage and the clocks will get turned back tonight. I’ll also reprogram the timer for the porch lights after I enjoy my extra hour of sleep!

My sweet baboo has done a great job in tilling up the veggy gardens and cleaning out the withered annual flowers from the flower beds. I’ve done a little bit of weeding in the flower beds too. We’ve both been working at keeping the fallen leaves tidied up. Tending to the leaves will be an ongoing project for the next few weeks. We’re looking forward to a winter break from outdoor chores. Yeah!

We’ve already finished off a big batch of homemade chicken noodle soup. More soups and stews will be gracing our dinner table in the days ahead. I’ll be getting out the flannel sheets for the bed this month, along with the down comforter too. We’ve already worn some of our warmer clothes, and I will commence the annual search for my gloves.

We started the month out well by having another house showing this morning. We had several showings during October. Our contingency contract has been extended through December 31. The prospective buyers still have their house for sale and reduced their asking price a couple of weeks ago. We are encouraged that we at least have a contingency contract, but we would love to have a firm contract from someone – anyone! We continue to put our future retirement life in a holding pattern. This long and drawn-out uncertainty annoys and confounds us. The older we get, the less patience we have. And with good reason, LOL!

I have been attempting to adjust to new levels of pain, thanks to my injured knee. I have lived with pain for decades, mostly neurologically related. But since my fall in September, it is now at a higher notch. The muscle spasms have subsided, thankfully. Sitting in most chairs has not been comfortable because of continued muscle soreness and lack of ability for the knee to bend. I can’t go up and down stairs like I used to. Now it is one step at a time, with my good knee. I’m praying that it holds out because it is popping and starting to hurt too. My mobility has been greatly reduced and that saddens me quite a bit. I want my old life back and now it is gone. I will continue to postpone any consideration for knee replacement until our home sells, we move into a rental, build, and then move again. I’m going to have to hold out for quite a while yet, LOL.

On a happier note, we went back to the fitness center today! Since I can’t do treadmill work anymore, I am focusng on upper body work, in addition to some rehab for my knees. We’re back to watching our calorie intake too.

Speaking of calories, LOL, we have made plans to go on another journey this month! We have reservations at a beautiful Kentucky inn for Thanksgiving week. We took advantage of their Thanksgiving special a couple of years ago and thoroughly loved it. So we’re itching for a return trip. And yes, I will feature this special journey for my blog readers!

I will be finishing up some sewing projects this month. One project in particular is a bounty of handmade Christmas ornaments! In addition to giving some to local friends, I am doing an ornament exchange with friends on an online forum. And, I am doing some extras for another bloggy giveaway! Won’t that be fun?


  1. Donna welcome back!
    It has been awhile and I was guessing it was due to that dodgy old knee of yours!
    I too hope it holds out for you too!
    Just imagine the new lease of life you will get when you get a new one.

    Busy times your way...
    The sound of the flannel sheets and warm woolies and soupsand stews sounds good to me!
    I am one of what appears to be few who like the winter.
    We are in Spring but it is already quite sunny and warm so I guess a hot summer comming.
    As we are in wild fire bush area this is always worrying.

    Your very organised with the Christmas gift making,I too have tried to dig and find time to do the same But soon I will have to give in and "sleep"
    Take Care sweet friend,I think bout you often

  2. Donna, I can appreciatethe impatience you feel with wanting your house business settled and the move made so you can get to having your knee replacemed will open up that freedom you have missed. ...sure slows us down! ( spoken by a heal spur. gout sufferer) I dropped out of swaps this year, deciding I needed to reorganize things around here . I am sworking on some more skates right now...plan to post the pattern on the blog sometime soon.
    Your Thanksgiving plans soud wonderful!

  3. Thank you, Miz Kylie! Yes, the silly old knee has not made it comfortable to sit at the computer. I'm trying to get by, LOL! Thank you for thinking of me. I'll be posting this next week to finish up about our little Tennessee excursion. Hope you stay safe from the wildfires! Yikes!

    We don't mind winter at all. We stay bundled up and we don't have to worry about getting out on the bad roads to get to work anymore! Besides, our winters aren't too rough, haha.

    I like doing this ornament exchange every year with my Delphi forum friends, time permitting. I don't break any speed records in getting it all done, but I'm reasonably pleased with the results!

  4. Hey, Cindy! Thanks for stopping by! Yes, we don't like it at ALL when we are forced to slow down, LOL.

    I just did the one swap for Sisters. I plan to mail them out this coming week. I am excited about you posting a pattern for your adorable skates! You are so talented and creative!

  5. Hello Donna. I say 'Hello' because I'm not sure if I've already introduced myself of not. -Hehhhh- I forget most everything, easily. Wonder if it has *anything* to do with age? >,-)

    Sorry about the health woes. Wishing your house selling will all come together. Be thankful for those not-so heavy winters. :-)

    Ahhhhhh, just scrolled down and found your McCain/Palin button! Yes, I must have 'met' you because of political Net stuff. I've met very nice people, recently. But if I have not yet said Hi, I'm doing so now.

    Gentle hugs,
    Miss Mari-Nanci

  6. Thank you for participating in my giveaway... sorry you didn't win... BUT starting the 5th... I will be having weekly giveaways
    until the end of the year!

    ENJOY your weekend! Fifi

  7. Hi, Miss Mari-Nanci! We've met and I'm glad that you are visiting with me! Yes, we met on Kari's blog. We're part of the same choir, LOL.

    Thank you for all your good wishes! Fingers crossed for next Tuesday! BIG TIME!

  8. Old arthur is giving me some painful days too. I sure wish he'd go away. I sure wish I could share a magical cure for the aches cause I know how it hurts.

    I hope you have a great week!

  9. Hi Donna,
    I am so sorry about your knee. I know a little about chronic pain since I hurt my back a few years ago. I know when it acts up, it's all you can think about so I'll will keep you in my prayers. Does physical therapy help at all? Hey, you know Kentucky is right next to Ohio. LOL You guys sound like you are enjoying your retirement. Take care.

  10. I wish that arthritis could take a hike for both of you, Brenda and Joan! If I knew about that magical cure I would sure share it also with you two! Yeah, Joan, we'll be next door to OH. But we'll be in middle KY. I'll let you know when we are headed up your way! You never know! We got to do the travel thing while we can still move, haha!

  11. Soup?? phone didn't Ring Girlie!!
    You work too hard...I need an Excedrin....
    A Trip??....Marty's going with you this time??
    Ornaments???? Christmas??? Good Girl!!!
    That darn knee? I KNOW how That feels!! Do Not rub a lemon on it...that won't work for the That Works!!!Hahahaaa....Love ya sweetie!! Happy Sunday!!hughugs

  12. Donna, you are a mess! LOL, I won't rub any lemon on my knee, that's for certain! I'll take tequilla every now and then, but give me some good whiskey and I'll be more content!

    Marty always minds the plantation while we are away partying. It's the rascal's job! Besides, he knows we'll come home with some fresh KY spirits, hahaha! Don't you go trying to steal him now, ya hear?

  13. Ouch, you have my sympathy for the painful knee. I hurt mine last year, and it took several months just for the swelling to go down, but now it's better at last. Soup sounds wonderful, and I need to take a leaf out of your book and get out into my garden and clean it up properly for the winter.

  14. Hi Donna, I hope that everything will turn out all right for you with your wounded knee and also with your house!
    I severely broke my ankle three years ago and I had to use crutches for 3 months. Believe me, I can understand a little how you feel! I hope so much that you get your new knee soon!

    I am happy that you want to join our "search" for WATER! I think it will be great fun!
    Have a nice week and all the best!

  15. Okay I don't want this to sound like a selling line but have you heard of Mona Vie? My husband and I Drink it and it's doing wonders. Our friend had major knee problems from a basketball injury and he could hardly get out of bed. After drinking the Mona Vie for a months he was able to move his knee like he hadn't in forever. You might want to check it out. Or email me and I can direct you. Just thought I'd mention it.
    Hugs to you.

  16. I appreciate the offer, Kim, but there is no magic fix for this knee except for more surgery. It's gone through too much already, and I am just trying to postpone the inevitable.


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