January 31, 2009

Get Ready for the Next Photo Challenge!

a climbing vine in our rose garden, with a timber post as a background
Thanks to my sweet friend, Joan of Joan's Journeys, I am going to be the hostess for the next Brenda Photo Challenge! It is next Saturday, February 7. My theme is Textures & Patterns. I encourage you to click on the link to the challenge blog site and sign up!

It will be fun to see everyone’s creative photos and variety. If you look closely around you, there are textures and patterns everywhere. Get those cameras out and start clicking!


  1. I hope I can get out and do some shooting one day this week if the weather will just cooperate. I'm looking forward to it. Thank you for being our hostess!

  2. Already took mine and have scheduled it to publish Sat Morning!Hahaa...First time in Ages I've been Good!!
    Happy weekend sweetie and Thank You for Hosting!!!hughugs

  3. Hi Donna,

    Thanks for being the hostess for the next challenge. I am hoping to get some photos soon also. It will be a fun one! I think I forgot to sign up and change the theme on my blog. LOL I blame all forgetfulness on menopause. hahaha....

  4. I may have to use something from my files as my camera is still not working. Hope that's okay.

    Have a great weekend, Donna. I know you've been working hard so it's nice of you to do this!

  5. I'm looking forward to it, gives me a good excuse to get out and I think you have picked a good theme so it should be fun!

  6. Yhippee! I'm almost ready with mine! Such fun this is ... thanks for welcoming me!

  7. Ahhh that theme opens up many Horizons.
    Can't wait to see all the interpretations

  8. PS-It's SO Pretty in here too!!!!hughugs


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