January 16, 2009

My World Is Changing

This is my world today.

This will be my world tomorrow.

Okay, gang. I’m going to be scarce and my blog is going to be somewhat neglected for a little while. Remember when I said that I retired from an engineering job? Yeah, well (the sound of shuffling feet). I am temporarily coming out of retirement to work as an environmental contractor for my former employer. It will be for about a 6-8 week period and pretty much every day. And what am I going to do? Well (sound of more shuffling feet), I’m going to help coordinate and compile technical information for the regulators in response to the ash pond spill at a coal-fired power plant here in Tennessee, about 30 miles from my home. Some of you may have heard about it on the national news when it occurred a few days before Christmas. Yeah, THAT spill. I start tomorrow.

I am going to have to remember how to be organized and intense again, resurrecting that part of my brain, LOL. It is going to be a bit scary to jump back into the working world on such an important job, but I’m going to jump in anyway. It doesn’t look like we are selling the house any time soon; there are no outside chores right now calling my name; and, the stock market has taken a nose dive for the long term. So this little adventure will help pad our little nest egg and finance some more wonderful vacations down the road.

Wish me luck as I venture off to the working world again, and be patient with me for the duration! I’ll try to post and visit when I can.


  1. We'll miss you but will be here when you get back!

  2. Good heavens, back to the grind for ye, well, have a lucrative and enjoyable time, it's certainly an important task! Stay out of the muck!

  3. welcome back to the workforce!! at least its not for a long period of time and you can tuck away money for more vacations! what can be better!?! will miss ya..stop by when you can!

  4. well well such twists and turns!!!
    what an opportunity for you Donna!!!
    I love that the "fiesty" you is just throwing yourself right back in there.
    Enjoy each moment as It's not forever and the travelling road will be there waitng again for you soon.
    Take Care

  5. Hi Donna,

    Best of luck with this project. Take care of yourself and don't work too hard. We will be here waiting!

  6. We'll be here as long as it takes.
    We've been seeing bits and pieces about the spill on the news and I asked hubby the other evening how on earth they were going to be able to clean all that up AND prevent something like it from happening again. I've also wondered about the long term damage to the land.

  7. I'll bet it won't be hard at all to get back in the swing of things. I think your former employers are pretty lucky to get you back!
    As I am someone who works and tries to blog, I understand about posting when you can. Don't work too hard!

  8. I wish you nothing but the best Donna!!!!!!!!
    ((((BIG HUGS)))))

  9. Good Luck with your job, we'll sure miss you around here!

  10. Oh, Donna!!!! Good luck with the project...you will be back in the groove in no time! I hope that they realize what a honor it is that you came back? And that they appreciate it! (I'm sure that they do, but just in case, do you want me to write you a note?)

  11. Well, well welcome back to long days and intense thinking. I bet you enjoy it knowing that it's not for long and it's so important!!!!

    I'm going to be scarce myself for the next few months.

    We'll have a reunion from time to time.

  12. Wow, that's a huge job you're taking on, but I know you'll d great. I've been pretty scarce myself, but my thoughts are with you and the others I try to keep up with.

    Take care, and God bless.

  13. So much for retirement! But it sounds like an important mission to be involved in and it's always nice to be needed especially when it comes with a paycheck! We'll "see" you soon!

  14. Great people do great things...that is you in a nutshell. I can't think of anything more rewarding in what you have agreed to undertake...best wishes my friend! After I "retired", I discovered God had other plans for me as well...funny how things twist and turn around ...but always for the best in the end. Hugs, cindy

  15. we'll miss your blogging! good luck and enjoy going back to work for a bit.

  16. You'll jump right back square in the middle of things and be running the show before it's over!!! Go Get 'em Girl!!!....PS- Marty called sniffling! He says you won't let him go with you!!!
    Hahaaa....Be-a-waiting sweetie!!

  17. Wishing you good luck ~ I am sure that you will be back in the swing of it in no time!
    Take care ~ Love and hugs Tabitha XXXXXX

  18. Sounds like some pretty important work and you're just the one to do it Donna. Get to the bottom of things.

  19. Plus you will appreciate your retirement all that much more when you are finished. We'll miss you!

  20. We'll be patient...promise!

    ....are you back yet?


    ok.... I'll wait a little longer... really!

    I've been watching the news about THAT spill... so sad. But glad they have someone as concerned and capable as you on the job!

  21. Thanks for stopping in my blog, and good luck with your new venture.


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