February 25, 2009

Kentucky Trip - My Old Kentucky Home

the red architectural stars really stand out on this federal styled mansion
This is the next installment of our Kentucky trip last November!

When we stayed a couple of days in Bardstown, we made sure that we visited My Old Kentucky Home State Park, nestled in the middle of the city. This park celebrates the inspiration of Stephen Foster’s music composition which is now Kentucky’s state song.

it is an easy walk from the park entrance to the historic house

While traveling from his home town of Pittsburgh to New Orleans, Foster stopped in Bardstown to visit his cousins, the Rowan family, and stayed at their beautiful mansion, called Federal Hill. According to folklore, Mr. Foster composed the song at this home.

the mansion’s beautiful wood doors were decorated with garland for the Christmas season
We had a lovely tour and wished we could have taken pictures of the fabulous antiques inside. And here is a little trivia for you! I didn’t learn this until I was preparing this post. The home is featured on the “tail” side of the Kentucky quarter.

Federal Hill mansion and a thoroughbred racehorse share the limelight on the Kentucky quarter

Stay tuned for a couple more featured stories from our trip!


  1. I absolutely love old homes and old architecture in general. This home is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  2. All of your trips look so beautiful and exciting. I wanna go on a vacation sometime soon. Its been way too long - but who would take care of our animals and greenhouse? Maybe sometime...

  3. Oh how I would love to travel and see for myself some of these wonderful places...
    Thanks for the arm chair version though.

  4. Beautiful home and it makes me very curious about the market being the way it is how much comparable homes (that aren't so famous) are selling for. We had some dear friends move to Louisville and I just can't get over what they paid for their home and that was before the economy got so bad. I love traveling and exploring places that link us to our country's history.

  5. Even the teeny house in front of the big house is cute!

  6. How cool! Can you take this family of 5 on your next adventure? Please! You wouldn't need to send postcards! LOL.

  7. That looks like a wonderful place to spend a day. We have a area by my house that has a bunch of old homes that were moved there. I love going there and taking pictures!

  8. Bob and I have been to the Bardstown area and believe we nmay have stopped here years ago . It is so lovely isn't it! I am thinking I need to go there again..it really isn't that far a trip for us.

  9. Another wonderful Kentucky post. I AM going there some day!!

    Great pictures. :)

  10. Hi Donna,

    This looks like fun and your photos are great! Kentucky is pretty. That is interesting about the quarter and it is pretty with the horse on it too.


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