April 1, 2009

April - A Look Ahead

One of our favorite months of the year has finally arrived! The redbuds are gorgeous right now, and the dogwood blooms are beginning their spectacular show. The daylily plants are pushing out of the flowerbeds, and the lavender plants are getting their energies charged up too. The landscape is changing every single day, and it is exciting to see it unfold. We are having a beautiful spring!

As I noted in yesterday’s post, we are starting out the month with a little jaunt up to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. After getting caught up with our initial springtime chores, it’s time for a little rest and relaxation! Later on this month, we’re heading out on a week-long vacation trip. Shhhh, the destination is a secret for now. We’ve already got our reservations and looking forward to visiting a place we haven’t seen in 30 years (before we even knew each other). I’ll keep the suspense going for a while, but I will confess right before we hit the road. One little hint – we’re headed eastward.

In the latter half of the month, we’ll be planting the “upper” garden, which is not too far from the kitchen side of the house. I’ll give you a rundown later of the various things we’ll be growing. Hubby is in charge of the planning and I lend assistance in getting the rows straight and the holes dug. We’ll also plant a few annual flowers for the bed next to the front walk and pot up some geraniums for the porches. Before May rolls around on the calendar, the “lower” garden (down towards the back of the property) will also get planted with some hills of watermelons and the first few rows of corn.

The housing market is heating up, and there is an improved chance of some buying prospects for our homestead to sell their properties. We continue to have good showings, but we remain unsettled with going forward with our plans to downsize. We met our contingency buyers recently and were happy to hear that they now have a contingency buyer as well. Time will tell on how this transition in our lives will unfold.

Health wise, I am holding my own. I can tell that the last cortisone injection for my knee was not as successful as the first, darn it all. All the more reason to high-tail it out this month on a little vacation while I can still move, LOL. At this point, my goal is to hold off on surgery until after the summer season ends. This getting old business is not fun, but it beats the alternative, right?

I think I understand Twittering now (see link on my sidebar), and I am tweeting pretty regularly. Since there is a limit of 140 characters for a post, I am learning to be brief and to the point! I am using it as a micro-blog, so I encourage my readers here to check out my tweets in between my blog posts.

We have a busy month ahead, filled with a good balance of some play time and some work time! It should be fun and action-packed!


  1. It seems like all the real estate dealings now are contingency types. Like a strip of dominoes. Hope yours works out.

  2. Now I'm curious, East hummm? There's a lot ovah that way...would it be D.C.? I know it will be fun no matter where you go!

    I bought tomato plants today and another dwarf cherry yesterday. I'm hoping James will be home early enough today so we can put them in the ground.

  3. Your garden is going to be delightful!

    Glad to hear the housing situation is looking better in your neck of the woods. This is the time of year people like to buy.

    I'm going to try to follow you on Twitter!!!

  4. Yes..it does sound like a busy month ahead!

    Have a great day!

  5. Happy April Donna! Have a wonderful trip! I love this time of year.

  6. Would love to see more pics of your garden(s), especially when they are in full bloom! Oh so excited about spring this year..yay about a trip to the smoky mountains! I love to travel, and hope to do more of it one day! lol.

  7. Hi Donna. Thanks for your visit to my world post...good to catch up here too!! Hope you have a great w'e and five days away later!

  8. I hope you have a great trip and I know you well enough to know there will be lots of pictures!


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