May 1, 2009

May - A Look Ahead

May? Already? I can’t believe how fast the spring season is zipping by! It seems that the landscaping is changing every day.

The purple and white iris are blooming. New leaves are covering the trees along the driveway and around the house. About a foot of new growth has appeared on the holly bushes. A hummingbird arrived and is presently enjoying a solo dining experience at the feeders. The birds are busy gathering materials for making their nests in the trees and our bird boxes. The hosta plants have sprung alive from their winter’s nap. The Spanish lavender is blooming and the French lavender is greening up rapidly. The rose bushes are blooming and the daylilies will start in a few weeks. The front porch furniture requires routine cleaning to remove the pollen. Yes, the winter season is now a distant memory.

The primary focus this month will be maintaining the landscaping and getting the vegetable gardens planted. We will plant the two gardens as soon as this latest batch of rains moves on through. We started mowing last month, and frequent mowing will be in store for us this month also as the grass does its early growth spurt.

We do not have any vacation trips planned this month. I am still recovering from the one last month, LOL! For now, I plan to pamper my knee as much as possible. I cannot get another cortisone shot until mid-June. I am doing some soul searching to decide if I need to move up joint replacement surgery to “sooner” rather than “later”. Chronic pain and a cane have been a way of life for me lately, and I am NOT very content about it. I am running out of time and options.

The homestead continues to be for sale. We have learned our lessons on patience. We are waiting for our contingency buyers to sell their home, and we have several new prospects now that spring has arrived. Time marches on and we continue to live our lives, never knowing what tomorrow may bring.

I am enjoying my new Nikon D90 camera and zoom lens! It is on my “to do” list for the month to further read the instruction manual (past page 32, LOL) and learn more about its features and its true potential. I also plan to get a few Photoshop Elements books and teach myself about more photo editing techniques. Are you ready for better pictures from me? Yes, I believe I can do better! You will be seeing more of my vacation photographs this month too.

I am looking at my blog posting count and see that I will very soon approach the magic 200 number! Gee whiz, I am WAY more talkative online than I am in real life! I will have some kind of giveaway to celebrate the occasion. Now, I just have to figure out what to offer!

This will be a good month for visiting with friends. An internet friend from Canada will be visiting our area next week, and we are looking forward to visiting with her and her special fellow. I also plan to get together with other friends this month and catch up with their latest news.

I’m ready for a busy month!


  1. Happy May Day sweetie! And Yes! Try to pamper that knee! Going shopping tomorrow for the ingredients for the homemade vanilla!! Happy sleep!
    Are you getting those horrible winds and rain?? Stay safe girlfriend!!!hughugs

  2. I know your place is absolutely gorgeous. You guys work so hard, and you with a bad knee. I wish that wasn't so! :(

    How in the world do you think you can make better pictures than you already do, Donna? Goodness me, you are a PRO already, girl!!!! :)

  3. Girl if you need a place to go you can always come here. Just bring me some vanilla! LOL.

  4. I really don't know how one can improve ont he perfection of the photos you have alrweady shown Donaa...but if so...Know I look forward to seeing them! What>>> we don't get to go on a trip somewhere this month?? see how you are spoiling me??? LOL
    enjoy your visit with Cookie ann take good care of the knee...yes, the sooner the better.

  5. I love your pictures now so they get even better I'll be more jealous. :-)

    Happy May!!

  6. Your poor knee!

    Can't wait to see some of those zoomed-in pictures. Hope you can get some shots of birds and critters to post!

  7. Happy May to you too. Looking forward to seeing your travel pictures!

  8. Hi Donna,

    You better pamper your poor knee. I hope you get some relief soon. Been down that road of chronic pain before and know how that wears on you both physically and mentally. May is always crazy around here too, between birthdays, graduations is so busy. And yes I can't wait to see some more of your photos, they are so good now. Have a good one!

  9. Your garden season is way ahead of ours. We have had a cool wet spring. As for your knee, my sil, Chris, would tell you to get the replacement and follow through on all the therapy. She has had two knee replacements and did all the therapy and is continuing to "work out" with water aerobics, tread mill, and other equipment. She is in her 60's and feels well enough for the first time in a long time to work on keeping herself fit and healthy. She did do the shots like you and now wishes she had not waited. No reason you should be in constant pain.
    Love your blossom photo.

  10. Hey Donna! I am sorry I don't get to stop by very often, the little one keeps me occupied most of the time. I just wanted to thank you for all your nice comments and tell you that you are welcome to share photography or photoshop tips with me when you learn them. I too am behind on reading my book that came with my camera and my photoshop elements is a never ending learning experience. You take care of yourself and good luck with your knee. I'll try to stop by more often in the future! Have a great day! :) Jodie


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