May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Remembrance

Yorktown Victory Monument, Yorktown, VA - One country, one constitution, one destiny.
May we never forget our fallen war heroes who fought for our freedom.


  1. Honor...Amen.
    Sweet day to you!!hughugs

  2. Totally agree..........Hope you are having a good Memorial Day!

  3. Bless those who've sacraficed for us all!

  4. Such a beautiful post to honor the brave who have fought for our country. They paid a give us something so precious!

  5. my heart belongs to an American Soldier! Thanks for the shout out for all the men and women who have and will defend our blessed nation

  6. This is a beautiful photo to use in commemorating those brave men and women who sacrificed so much.

    Excuse my ignorance, but where is the photo taken?

    I noticed that you are now following my blog. Thank you. I shall return the favor. :D

  7. Peaches and I would be honored to serve you madam; she loves pulling me around the yard. It might take a few days. LOL

    What's for dinner? (((hugs)))

  8. Thanks for the info on captions in your Nov. 19, 2008 entry; however, the captions do not show up in Firefox. The captions show up in AOL and Explorer, but not when I use Firefox. Isn't that strange?

    Thanks, though, for the very nice tip. I'll caption photos from now on.

  9. hope you had a WONDERFUL Memorial day holiday! :) LOVE the chickadee story and photos and even the photography tut!! :) Thank you so much for ALLLL that you share! Have a SUPER day!


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