June 20, 2009

Photo Challenge: Black & White

I overextended myself and signed up for two photo challenges today! This one is sponsored by Lynn of Musings from the Texas Hill Country, and the theme is Black & White. Thank you, Lynn, for proposing this challenge!

Remember the cowboy westerns of yesteryear, shown on your black and white TV, and how dramatic the landscape looked? Well, I’m going to bring some of those memories back to you today! I took these photographs on a western trip last September, all using a polarizing filter. The place? Arches National Park! I used the “scenic landscape” black and white conversion in Photoshop Elements 7, with a few minor tweaks to the settings. The color images are also provided for comparison.

North Window, Arches National Park
This arch is called North Window. I loved how I caught the cloud floating by, framed by the “window”. The camera settings were ISO 200, 1/640 second, f/6.3.

Delicate Arch, Arches National Park
Delicate Arch, seen from a distant vista, is one of the most famous in the park. The photo was taken at ISO 200, 1/800 second, and f/7.1.

Park Avenue, Arches National Park
Close to the entrance of the park, this grand display of rock outcroppings sets the stage for your visit. The camera settings were ISO 200, 1/320 second, and f/9.


  1. Beautiful scenery! They do remind me of the old westerns. Very dramatic. I love them.

  2. Beautiful!! I love the contrast and purity of black and white.

  3. These are surreal. On the last one, it looks like a chimney with a fire in it as the cloud hangs over it, giving the appearance of smoke.

    Thanks so much for allowing yourself to be over-extended. :D

  4. I love the transformations you made to black and white. I must try that sometime! Your pictures make me want to watch a good western this evening!!!

  5. Oh Donna! These are Beautiful! Especially, Delicate Arch! B&W really makes a difference in the photos!!hughugs

  6. Love the black and white and I love how you put the color ones with them. They are all so great, not sure which I love the most but they could be framed and hung on the wall for sure. Have a good weekend Donna!

  7. More great photos! Love the scenery, as well! You need to make a blog listing ALL the places you and your DH have visited! I can't keep up! lol


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