September 11, 2009

Freedom from Slavery to the Government

U.S. Constitution

Special Note to My Readers: This is a "soapbox" type of post. Today's topic deviates from my routine stories regarding life at my country cottage and traveling adventures. It is not cheerful subject matter, but I believe it is important to share my thoughts. Please feel free to skip this one if it is too controversial for you, and I welcome you to come back to visit with me later.
Thank you.

We are not attending the 09.12.09 Tea Party March on Washington, D.C. today, but we are certainly there in spirit. Millions of ordinary Americans are standing up and speaking out. Contrary to mainstream media reports, this grassroots movement isn’t about pitting one political party against another one. It is about ordinary Americans voicing their concerns about our country’s direction. Self-serving politicians are not representing American citizens nor acting in America’s best interests. Legislation is being passed that ignores the U.S. Constitution. Our freedoms have been gradually eroding, but now at a rapid pace. In the past year, we are witnessing unprecedented government expansion and intrusions upon the private sector, all accomplished under the guise of solving the latest crisis of the day.

There are many governmental issues right now that concern and alarm me. What is my number one beef? This country is heading toward financial ruin. Our federal government, in particular, is spending at an alarming pace. It is printing record amounts of currency to increase the money supply. This “funny money” will result in high inflation in years to come. The U.S. financial path is not sustainable.

My personal breaking point on government irresponsibility was the enactment of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. This legislation was done in an attempt to remedy problems caused, in large part, by the government itself. The Act established the infamous TARP, the systematic government takeover program of financial institutions. And the massive spending spree of our tax dollars and increased regulatory controls has only gotten worse since last fall.

The fiscal madness has got to stop. And I don’t care how many rude and crude names elected officials call citizens like me when we voice our concerns. Such childish bullying of the people they serve doesn’t make their fiscal irresponsibility disappear.

  • Americans had to work until August 12 this year to pay for federal, state, and local governments (including regulatory costs). Last year’s date was July 16.

  • Government will consume 61.34% of national income this year. The largest component is 30.36% handed over to the federal government. You work more for the government than for yourself and your families.

  • At the time that I publish this post, the U.S. national debt is $11.804 trillion.

  • Each citizen’s share (man, woman, and child) of the U.S. national debt is currently $38,395.

  • Calendar year-to-date federal spending $2.767 trillion. Corresponding revenue is $1.456 trillion. The difference between these two figures is a deficit of $1.311 trillion. That means the federal government is borrowing 47% of this year’s spending.

  • U.S. debt held by foreign countries is $3.485 trillion.

  • Unfunded federal government liabilities total an astounding $59.041 trillion. The liability for every citizen (man, woman, and child) is $192,050.

Despite this dire financial picture, our elected officials are on a fast-track course to create even more federal programs, bureaucracies, debt, and liabilities. They are also creating mountains of legislation and regulations, resulting in larger economic burdens that are passed on to citizens and consumers. The shackles of our personal slavery to government will become even tighter. Meanwhile, elected officials are publicly ridiculing their constituents and dismissing their concerns. Who, precisely, is supposed to be serving who? They also engage in mock partisan bickering, play the blame game, and pit citizens against citizens. Worst of all, they deride the free-market system and declare profits as evil. Excuse me? Capitalism is the true engine of economic prosperity, not government. Our government is biting the hand that feeds it.

This path will continue until the American people stand up, speak up, and clean house. We don’t need foreign terrorists to destroy the United States of America that we know and love. We are allowing our government to do it instead.

(Data Sources: Center for Fiscal Accountability; Cost of Government Day, Year 2009; U.S. Debt Clock)


  1. We could begin making a little dent in the deficit by curbing the 16 billion per month costs of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars as well as the over 15 billion per year of foreign aid we're giving to countries who are smiling real big over our economic dilemma, and doing a little something about the, big time, fraud and waste going on by some of our own citizens in our tax payer financed social programs.

  2. Amen, Donna! Our country is really headed in a downward spiral and fast. Unfortunately too many Americans can't see it. When they do, I fear it will be too late.

    We are not the kooky folks that the media has portrayed dissenters as being. We are hard working average folks who love our country. I, in fact, am a naturalized citizen! We had really considered driving to DC for today but are also there just in spirit. (We have driven 4000 miles this month and are just plain tired of being in the car. And have to catch up on undone chores.) I feel uplifted by fellow bloggers expressing similar sentiments- and there are quite a few of us!

  3. Amen Girl!! We're there in Spirit as well! I'd give anything to be there! I'm listening right now and there are 10's of thousands of people there already!!!WOW!!!

    Great post and Right on the money!!hughugs

  4. Very well said! You should be a speech writer or send this to some newspapers as a letter to the editor.

  5. Dittos!!!!It's not the black skin, its his RED policy!

  6. Amen! I agree with you 100%! Now, How do I jump on this tea party train?

  7. Great post, Donna!!

    And, thank you so very much for mentioning Ben's giveaway. He would be very proud!! ((hugs))

  8. Wonderful post, Donna. I love my country but I fear our government!

  9. I think enough of us see what you do as well Donna...and next election I am voting for LESS governemnt and less spending..this is rediculous and I pray there is a slim hope yet our citizens can stop this madness! we had a big tea party in Dixon sat. as well...they were everywhere..people have woke up!

  10. Well written and thought through. Fact without dramatic emotion.... well said. I just get angry and it doesn't come across as well.

    Thank you. So many people just want to close their eyes and pretend it will all go away,... that's why we are where we are.

  11. Loved your post, and AMEN AMEN and AMEN! Thank you for being a part of what I still believe America stands for.
    XO Dee

  12. Very well written. I had almost fallen into despair about the apathy in this country. We've been in a downward spiral since the 60s and had become so complacent. Now, ordinary citizens are leaving their comfort zone, standing up for what's right and exposing themselves to criticism by the exalted ones in Washington. Wow.

    We attended a local Tea Party here in north Texas last spring, but were unable to go to the big one in D.C. What a thrilling experience it must have been to actually be there.

  13. Well said! I'm new to your blog, came over from oldcentennialfarmhouse. I couldn't agree more, and healthcare is the new "crisis" used to give the government more power and $$. My husband and I are (very small) business owners and we buy our and our employees health insurance. In addition, I have pre-existing conditions that make it hard to afford insurance. I'm sure that what I have is better than anything government would provide! I went to Tea Parties on April 15, and July 4 and they truly gave me hope for our country. I think it's high time we started a new TV reality show in the tradition of "Wife Swap" where politicians take our jobs, as daycare providers; Claire McCaskill with her Mommy voice, oil change technicians; Hillary Clinton, mechanics, Steny Hoyer, pig farmers; Barney Frank and sewage treatment plants; Chris Dodd and Chuck Schumer. They can drive our clunkers to work and carry a lunch as we head up to Capitol Hill in their limo's and work hard to lower taxes and slash spending. If they went to bed at night after working hard all day as we do, they might think twice before raising taxes! LOL.


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