September 9, 2009

Sleeping on a Cloud

new mattress set on the old bed
Our new mattress and box springs were delivered last Saturday. Hooray! Here is a picture before the bed was dressed. We got a Simmons Beautyrest mattress with a plush top and a 5” box springs. This combination is now 1” shorter than our old mattress and a whole lot more comfortable! I am still adjusting to the plush top because it is harder for me to change positions during the night without waking myself up, LOL. However, I am sleeping much better now and my leg with the knee replacement is much happier too!

Our new bed will arrive in another week. It will be a Shaker style, rather than a colonial style. It will also be about 5” closer to the floor. I am really looking forward to not requiring a footrest to get in and out of bed!

Hey, does anyone want to buy our old bed? It's a honey - just too tall for short people!


  1. Your new mattress and pillow top look so much like mine! Actually, the bedroom suite looks like mine also; I bought it in 1961 when we first married. I hope when you get closer to the floor, it'll be better for you!

    I love my bed so much; that's why I don't sleep around. MUWHAHAHAAAAAA

    Have a great evening Ms Donna!! ((hugs))

  2. I love my's tall with a pillow top and I have to buy fitted sheets with deep pockets...looks just like yours! Mine is tall..and I have a bad knee this week so I've been having to get in bed backwards...if that makes I have a footrest nearby...just in case. The dog fell off the bed last week....I thought she broke her leg but she was alright!

  3. I hope you have lots of wonderful dreams on your new mattress. I sure love the heck outta mine!

  4. That bed looks comfy!
    I have just gotten a Pillow top bed too!
    It took some getting used to but loving it now!

  5. It's amazing the difference a good mattress can make. We have a Simmons Beauty Rest too. And we love it!!!
    Sweet Dreams my friend.

  6. Sweet Dreams on that nice new bed!!!

  7. I've always wanted a tall bed that I had to use a step to get into....wish we lived closer!!! Your new set is wonderful! Jan

  8. I would love to buy your bed....why do I live here!!!! Can you bring it over when you come??? xxxRobby

  9. That looks comfy! We need a new mattress too so I may look in to a Simmons Beautyrest.

  10. If I had the money, honey-I'd buy your bed! Still looking for a frame for my bed...and you know me & mom are hunting down all the junk shops.

    Glad you and your DH got a new bed, sweet dreams to you my dear! :)

  11. We had to get a new mattress and box springs this year, too. Oh, boy, is it wonderful! Finding mattress covers and sheets for those deep mattresses is interesting, though. Enjoy your new bed!

  12. That mattress looks heavenly! We need a new one. I'll be checking out the Beauty Rests!

    So glad to read that your knee replacement is getting better.

    Nita Jo

  13. What a difference a new mattress makes! Glad you are getting some relief with it!


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