October 3, 2009

Photo Challenge: Pets

Time for a new Brenda Photo Challenge! The theme is Pets.

One of the delights of living out in the countryside is having horses as next door neighbors. My favorite equine is Cosmos, a lovely Appaloosa with a gentle disposition. She always comes over to the fence when she sees me. After a treat of carrots or apples and a little petting, she doesn’t mind posing for the camera.

Here is Cosmos grazing for her lunch, with the beautiful Cumberland Mountains in the distant background. The camera settings were f/8, 1/200 second, and ISO 200.

Cosmos having lunch
The modified image below is a surprise! I learned a new Photoshop technique recently and decided to showcase the results. I framed a portion of the image to highlight Cosmos and converted the rest as black and white.

Cosmos with special effects
About a month after my surgery, my sweet hubby helped me walk out into the yard a little ways toward the vegetable garden. The sunflowers were starting to bloom, and he wanted to help cheer me up. I was weak, tired, and holding on to my cane and him for dear life. I brought my camera and managed to take a few half-hearted pictures of the sunflowers.

As hubby was helping me walk back to the house, out popped a rabbit from the garden! When he saw that we were moving in extreme slow motion, he stopped and paused about 30 feet away from us. With the late afternoon sun providing perfect lighting, I was able to capture the moment below. Marty, the infamous rabbit, was the magic medicine I needed that day. I went back to the house very tired, but happy to have a rabbit patiently pose for me. The photo was taken at f/11, 1/100 second, and ISO 800.

Marty's jaunt
And here is the special framing effect to highlight a rabbit resident at Grey Havens.

Marty with special effects


  1. What beautiful pictures! And such a great photo technique...

    My fav is the rabbit! So sweet that he posed for you.

  2. Oh Donna!! These are wonderful!! Don't know How you do it but I Love that framing! Look At Miss Bunny!!Hahaa...I Knew Marty had a woman!!LOL!

  3. Great pictures, Donna. I love that framing technique!

  4. Wonderful pictures and great techniques you shared with us today! That is a beautiful backdrop for Cosmos and the bunny posed perfectly for you.

  5. I love your photos and your bunny, I'm definitely a bunny lady. Although I love horses as well I don't have any neighbours. Hope your up and hopping about soon.

  6. Hi Donna and thanks for entering the give-away, so nice to meet you. Your photographs are just gorgeous, and Cosmos almosts looks like a painting! You have great composition and the technique is amazing. Thanks for joining as a follower and look forward to knowing you better. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I love Cosmos and you little bunny friend Donna. That photoshop technique is very cool too.

  8. GREAT pics, Donna! I love horses. It's on my bucket-list to own a horse one of these good ole' days, then I can scratch it off.

    Thank you for your anniversary wishes and hair-do compliments on my blog! It always means a lot to see your comments :)

  9. Your photos are wonderful and I love the effects! Marty was being kind and patient cause he knew you were tired and in pain. Good bunny.

  10. Great pics!! I love the new trick you found and can't wait to try it out myself!

    Beth in Austin

  11. Hello...what a nice name you got for your horse, Cosmos. Do you know that Cosmos is a name of a flower here in the Philippines?

    Thanks for your comment on my blog...yes we are safe now.


  12. hi..that's lovely..hv a nice weekend..

  13. Wow...I love the photoshop effect! Beautiful pet pictures!

  14. cool technique! And great photos! How awesome to have captured the rabbit just so!

  15. what awesome pix-- what kind of camera is that btw??? awesome!

    happy monday!
    (is that an oxy-moron?)

  16. Wonderful photo techniques Donna. I have photoshop and haven't a clue how to use it yet. lol

  17. i left you a note on my page-- ttyl

  18. ok-- go see- :))
    happy tuesday


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