December 11, 2009

Ta-Da! New Blog Look!

ah, now I can see you better!

For those who have followed my blog for a while, can you see what I exciting changes I made today? After a little investigating and testing, I figured out how to widen my main column and make the total overall width equivalent to a three-column blog. Now I have the ability to show bigger photographs!
I could not figure out how to make Picasa uploaded pictures in a wider format than 400 by 400 pixels. So I’ll be posting bigger formats via Photobucket.

I hope you like this change!

Additional note: Some of you have expressed interest in getting a wider main column on your blog. In the next few days, I will work up a post for you that explains how I adjusted the html language.


  1. Well, you are just too smart for me! It looks great!

    Have a wonderful weekend. :)

  2. OHMYWORD!!! This is the very thing I was asking Gordon in Adelaide (blog) just How he got those photos so Large on Blogger!
    You are TOOOO smart Girl!! I Love this!!hughugs

  3. You are very clever. Love the look, can't wait for the new "bigger" photos.

  4. It looks great!! I am so impressed that you could change it.

  5. Very clean and uncluttered look! Perfect for your photos.

  6. ooohhhhhhh......I need to learn to do that!!!!!! xxxRobby

  7. Love the look! Can't wait for the instructions!Happy Holidays!

  8. That would be awesome..I am such a HTML idiot!!


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