January 7, 2010

An Announcement by Marty

Are you ready to hear who won my anniversary giveaway? Marty, the irrepressible furball, helped me put all the entrant names in a little pottery bowl and mix them up.  Then he grabbed the winning slip in-between munches of his breakfast carrot sticks.

The winner of a gorgeous polymer clay pen
by Jackie of The Pleasant Pheasant is
Nita Jo of Little Grey Gardens!

Congratulations, Nita Jo, and thank you for being such a wonderful blogging friend! I’ll purchase your favorite pen (which happened to be the one pictures in my previous post) and send it right out to you!

And to everyone else, thank you so much for your kind comments and good wishes!


  1. Happy Anniversary, Donna!! Congratulations, and to Nita also.

    Take care~I'll be back as time allows!!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!
    Congrats Nita Jo!!

  3. Thank you, Thank you! I'm so excited. I sent off an email with my address a little while ago.

    I have enjoyed your blog and your friendship so much. Winning the pen is a lovely bonus, and I will think of you each time I use it!

    Nita Jo

  4. Ahhhh! What a sweet blogger friend she is,to!! Congratulations to Miz Nita Jo!!!
    Happy night Donna...You're a sweetie as Well!!hughugs

  5. Congrats to your winner...I'll have to run back to find what she's won...

  6. Congratulations, Nita Jo!! I will be sending your pen out today, I think you will like it a lot.

    Thanks again, Miss Donna, that was fun.

    Jackie - The Pleasant Pheasant

  7. Happy Belated Anniversary! So sorry I've been such a stranger...I'll try harder not to be...I just haven't had much time for blog surfing lately but I plan to catch up here.

    I am missing my good friends here.

  8. doin' a dance for the winners and for your blog-aversary!

    thanks for your comment today. i'm currently doing vintage embroidery patterns on flour sack tea towels! i'll take any tips and pointers you have. (hugs)


Marty, here! Donna loves comments, and I faithfully pass them on to her. Thank you so much for visiting!