January 17, 2010

The Framing is Done!

The framing for our new home finished up this past week! It’s hard to believe that there were just stacks of concrete blocks two short weeks ago. Check out the pictures below to see the exterior progress since my January 13th post.

January 13 – Roof framing and interior work continues.
The front porch roof is starting to take shape.

A little eave is added to the front dormer on the left-hand side.

January 14 – Roof sheathing is installed.
The front porch roof is finished.
An eave is constructed over the garage door opening.

January 16 – Roof sheathing is completed.
The outside it tidied up and the interior is broom cleaned.
This is going to be our new country cottage!

On the main level is located my office (the room on the left), dining room (in the middle), great room, screened-in porch, kitchen and breakfast room, utility room (behind the little window), and master suite. With completion of the roughed-in stairway, we were able to see our second floor layout for the first time yesterday. Our guest bedroom (big window) and bath, hubby’s office, and my studio room (over the garage) are all going to be located on this level. I will be showing interior photos in the days ahead, so please be looking for those!

Builder Mike says that the next tasks are roofing and installation of windows and exterior doors. We are really pleased with the quality construction and progress achieved so far. Our contract calls for completion to be done by May 31. But at the rate that it is going, we are optimistic that we can move in before that date!


  1. Donna, I cannot believe how quickly Builder Mike is putting your cottage together! At this rate, maybe you'll be in before the end of May. Thanks for sharing the progress -- so smart of you to chronicle everything!

    Have a good week!

  2. ooooooohhhh, this is like havin a baby !!!!!
    ii can't wait!
    i'm so excited for you!

  3. It really is amazing how quickly it's all come together. May there be clear sailing for the remainder of the project. What a lovely home it's going to be!

  4. How exciting, Donna. I am SO happy for you guys!! (((hugs)))

  5. What can I say!!! I think it is beautiful...Can't wait to see the inside...Hugs Jean in oh.

  6. I am so excited for you!!!! xxxRobby

  7. Well darn...I thought I posted my comment last night from my IPhone but I must have skipped Something!
    Loving the photos Donna!! AND SO darn FAST!
    Can't wait for the next installment!!

  8. so exciting......keep the updates coming...love seeing them!!

  9. It's already gorgeous! How exciting!!!

    On another subject - I'm glad that Marty the smart rabbit is keeping score.... I wonder if all the people who voted for our illustrious leader are doing the same?

  10. Oh Wow! It's going to be so beautiful!!!!!

  11. It already looks wonderful! I am so excited for you! Looking forward to many more pictures along the way.


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