January 21, 2010

Turkey Love

We were at our homebuilding site this morning, taking care of important installation business with Builder Mike. It was a beehive of activity and everyone seemed to have an adequate supply of caffeine in their system. We got a brief introduction to our HVAC subcontractor and confirmed placement for the registers and air return vents. We also discussed a few details with another sub on the central vacuum system piping.

The main event was conducting a pre-electrical wiring walk-through. Builder Mike skillfully orchestrated our meeting with the dynamic duo of Randy and Joe, the electricians, and effervescent Emily, our electrical supplier. We got through the copious discussions in short order, with smiles and laughter all around.

My sweet baboo and I are getting through this building experience so far with our humors intact and no further loss of our sanities. On the trip through the countryside back to our rental home, we spotted some wild turkeys in a nearby field. My camera was handy and I snapped several images, including this one of a pair strolling side by side. Turkey love endures!


  1. Oh Donna!!! How GORGEOUS!! Picture Perfect!!
    I can't believe how fast things are moving along!!! Love the photos!!
    Where's Marty's room???

  2. Wild turkeys....Amazing!
    Great to hear the building is progressing so smoothly

  3. Donna, that is such an amazing picture...I thought that it was a poster when I first saw it. Perfect to have framed for Thanksgiving!

    Happy to know that everything is going along tickety-boo!

  4. That really is a great photo, Ms. Donna - you're finding great opportunities all around, and doing such good photos. Please come here and take photos of all my stuff! I really do not enjoy the photo-taking process.

  5. awesome pic-- and great update-- i'm so happy for y'all-- i hope everything continues to go as smoothly for ya-

    am i thinking of a different creature-- or have i heard that turkeys mate for life?
    i can google it-- but do you know?

    sorry i've been away so long-- i've been a sloth :((

    have a great day my S&B Friend :))

  6. crap-- maybe it's penguins :)) ?


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