February 2, 2010

February - A Look Ahead

January went by in a flash! We have been very busy taking care of details associated with the homebuilding project. We finished making all of the major decisions for outfitting the new place, including the paint colors. (Rather than describe all the colors, I’m going to wait and show you when the time is right.) I hope that you have been entertained by the photos of sudden transformations that took place in January. The interior right now is a jumble of lumber, wiring, roughed-in plumbing, and air vents. It is not very photogenic, LOL.

We’re still a good three to four months away from completion, so hold tight for the ride! More big changes will happen in February. Siding and brick will go on the exterior, covering the rather garish “green board” and concrete blocks. The structure will get outfitted with soffits, fascia boards, and gutters during this time frame too. Then insulation, sheetrock, and wood floors will follow. We signed off on the final cabinet designs yesterday and those are now being ordered. You’ll be treated to some interior pictures this month as it all gets pulled together. We couldn’t be more pleased with Builder Mike. He has been making the building process downright enjoyable.

We’re getting a few medical checkups this month. I have my annual physical and mammogram scheduled in a few weeks. It’s time for a tune-up! We’re also continuing our regular visits to the fitness center. The replaced knee still has some residual soreness, but I am getting better at maneuvering the obstacles of everyday life, thank goodness.

We are continuing our digital photographic studies on lynda.com and learning a great deal. My Photoshop skills will continue to develop, and you will see the happy results! One of these days, I plan to put tags on my inventory of digital images to better catalog the growing collection. But right now I’m having too much fun learning editing techniques. I have said this before and I’ll say it again. You can take a terrific photo or you can take a mediocre one. But some simple digital editing will always improve the image. It is truly amazing how far the digital revolution has come. Vintage folks like us have no urge to ever go back to the days of film!

As far as vacations planning goes, we’ve gotten a little further in our deliberations. Our potential destinations have been whittled down (east coast versus west coast for our big vacation), and we hope to make some decisions in the next week or two. Mum is still the word!

I appreciate all your recent feedback, letting me know your favorite posts. I need to know so that I can continue to keep your interest and make this an enjoyable haven for your visits! Photographs continue to be a popular item, including the ones for the Brenda Photo Challenges. Please see the link over on my sidebar if you would like to also participate in this fun activity. More journey stories will be also forthcoming. I am so glad that I figured out how to widen my main blog column so that you could enjoy bigger pictures! If you would like to try this format change as well, please follow the convenient tutorial link over on my sidebar. Several friends have tried it with great success.

I hope that all of you have a warm and safe month. Let’s just get through this one, and then spring will be right around the corner! Okay?!


  1. I'll probably switch back to the wider column when I get some decent photos to put up!Hahaa...
    Can NOT wait to see photos of the finished house!
    Love the February picture! You're amazing!
    Happy night sweetie!!hughugs

  2. What a fabulous photo and I'm so glad that your home is coming along. Can't wait to see the finished deal, as I'm sure you are.

  3. I agree with you...I have no desire to ever return to rolls of film. Thanks for the link, I'll have to check it out. Goodness knows, my photography skills need help. So glad that the building of your dream home continues to be a pleasure. Builder Mike must know what he's doing!

  4. I am just itching for some spring weather!
    Looking forward to seeing some of the house photos...so many decisions to make!

  5. Donna, I love your blog, and I'm always happy to see an update to check out. It's all so interesting - you are an excellent writer and always hold my attention.

    WEST COAST!! WEST COAST!!!! You know that's MY vote, lol. In case there's any indecision and I can swing it in my direction. Hugs! So glad to hear the positive comment about the knee, so glad.

  6. the thought of film...blah. it's digital all the way, baby!

    sounds like you're getting everything organized. good for you!!!

  7. Sounds like you are busy! Thanks for the information on formatting for a wider blog. I may give that a try one of these days.

    And thanks for stopping by my blog. I was going to send a message to tell you I finally did the "Thank you" post for my lovely pen, but I see you found it already. I think of you and your generosity every time I use it! Thanks again!

    Nita Jo

  8. spring aint comin fast enough for me-- and to top it off-- the groundhog went back in his hole. isn't he gettin a little ole? maybe they just need a replacement groundhog?
    nah-- i think we're all screwed---
    this has been a long cold winter here-- and that's just not right for texas.
    sorry-- i didn't come to whine in your box-- but i did anyhow.
    hope you have a warm and happy weekend :))

  9. Hi Donna! It must be so exciting watching your new home go up. I just had my mammogram this morning, it's a really god time. LOL Sounds like you guys are busy and I too can't wait for Spring!


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