June 20, 2010

Father’s Day 2010

To fathers who cherish, nurture, and support your children:
God bless you!


  1. Very fitting and lovely. Happy Father's day to all the dad's out there.

  2. And a hearty "amen." (The qualification you provided is a sensitive one especially for those of us who have not experienced nurturing fathers.) Beautiful graphic!

  3. Ah! I love me a Victorian-era graphic. So beautiful. Happy Father's Day to all the dads you love!

  4. What a nice tribute to Fathers who loved their children!

  5. Very lovely.

    I have enjoyed catching up here Donna. And loved all your posts. Most especially the views of your kitchen...and the name hanging!

    I would love to think that I could call in and visit...but I very much doubt that I will be able to visit the States again with some medical issues. But I live in hope, waiting to see what God has planned!

    And thanks Donna for your regular visits to my blog posts. I am glad you enjoyed the latest one. I am enjoying catching up with family. Very precious time! An mildly serious ear operation for a daughter-in-law tomorrow occupies our thoughts tonight.

    By the way I did enjoy your Brenda Challenge photos too. I had a cute one of the littlies in their pjs, complete with birthday balloons, ready for bed, but was a bit slow at getting permission from Mum and Dad, so missed the chance to post!

    May God bless you both as you settle and enjoy your new home!

  6. Hope you both had a Restful and wonderful day Donna! LOVE the picture!!


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