June 17, 2010

Hanging of the Sign

It’s official! Our Grey Havens sign has been hung on the front porch of our new cottage! We had the sign custom made in Camden, Maine, for our former cottage. When we sold the place last fall, we took the sign with us. Hubby cleaned it up over the winter and put on many new coats of old-fashioned paste wax for protection. After exposure to the elements for almost 18 years, it is still gorgeous and retains the gold leafing.

Before the heat of day completely overwhelmed us, Marty whipped us into action and supervised the sign hanging event.

We soon got it hung without any bodily injuries or utterances of naughty words.

Grey Havens is back!
And Marty is waiting on the porch to greet your arrival!


  1. An absolutely beautiful sign!!!! I'm so very happy for you!!!!
    love ya~Judy

  2. Gold leaf rocks! My husband has carved signs, part of his hobby. He says your is like on a boat... He carved one for our son-i-law once upon a time. :-)

    And he carved a sign for the Riding Farm where a Grand and her mom, ride.

    Beeeeeeeeeeeeutiful! Your sign and it's being up. Of course!

  3. I love the sign and I'm so glad that it's hanging proudly on your new home! Marty is such a nice watch rabbit.


  4. It's like saying it doesn't matter what the building it's still home.

  5. That Marty! Such a taskmaster and stickler for detail! *gurglesnort*

    So ... Grey Havens is wherever you two hang your hats? LOLOL it's a beautiful name for a beautiful -- nay, two beautiful places! Happy for you!

  6. Oh, how Beautiful!!! And look how HAPPY Marty is! I'll bet y'all are SO excited Donna...Happy New House sweetie!

  7. Beautiful sign and it looks perfect.

  8. Looks terrific! Nothing better than a house with a name:)

  9. Very pretty, Ma'am. You guys have such good taste. :)

  10. Now you must feel like you've come home! Your sign is beautiful and I'm thinking we need to name our home and get us a sign!

  11. long live Grey Havens - and the happiness within it's walls !


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