July 17, 2010

In Search of the Slow Lane

It has been a busy three weeks, ever since I temporarily flung myself back into the working world. I have been on business travel during most that time. The slow lane of retirement is just a distant memory in my rearview mirror. I have quickly discovered that my stamina is not what it used to be! Hopefully, I’ll be getting a bit more rest now that I am switching into a telecommuting role. And our screened-in back porch is going to help me get some respite.

We got a few furniture pieces for our deck last month and we are enjoying them immensely, despite the summer heat. We got his and hers gliders, made of recycled poly and in a deep green color. They are so comfy! There were several styles to choose from, but we picked the “royal back” which has a craftsman-type flair. On the practical side, they are easy to clean, impervious to the weather, and don’t require cushions. Easy maintenance, oh yeah! We’re going to order a couple of rockers and another little side table for additional seating when we are entertaining.

When we purchased the interior window shades, we got a great deal on two outdoor shades for the west side of the porch. The dealer sold them to us below cost because they were returned by another client. The fit and color were perfect, and they keep the porch cooler from the late day sunrays.

The Weber gas grill is on the other side of the porch, next to the door from the kitchen. Hubby is so happy to finally have a grill and has been routinely giving it a workout. We got the Genesis model from Lowes and opted for their exclusive chocolate brown color.

Are you ready for a cookout and some cold drinks? I know that blogging friends Soul and Brenda will be fighting with each other to be first in line!


  1. Yaaaaaaaaaa for telecommuting, from the screened-in back porch!!! :-)

  2. geesh -- i just spent ten minutes on mozilla -- TRYING - to post a comment -- with NO success. finally i realized, i should try explorer. guess what? here i am. i don't know what happened to my computer , but it will not cooperate - and i'm gonna show up on your porch any day !!! :))
    i sooo love it, and those chairs look awesome ! are they as comfy as they look?
    -- if a gal has to work - there's no place better than THAT porch ! you need a pnd or a creek back there-- do ya have one?

    oh -- ps -- in case ya didn't find it on my blog - the procedure monday- it's an "occipital block" = a steroid shot in the back of my neck near the base of my skull. (cringe). wanna go for me? it's supposed to - hopefully , help with my constant headach-neck pain. i'll let ya know how it goes.

    hope you find some time to chillax this weekend --

    laters (S&B) :))

  3. I would love to have a screened in porch. I've been wanting one for years. Enjoy the extra time you have now without all the travel.

  4. Looks like you two have relaxation down to a science! Donna, I hope the coming beautiful fall weather affords you many days to enjoy the porch, from which I'm sure the views of leaves will be spectacular. And you can't go wrong with a Weber grill! LOL ask for it by name.

  5. I want to come over too!!! Your new house is beautiful.
    I purchased photoshop 8 and a new camera this week, so I need some lessons from you! lol I've been looking back through some of your older post and showing my husband what all you have done to your pictures in photoshop. You are an inspiration...I want to learn soooo much more about photography...lots of reading and studying in the future for me!

  6. Love all of this Miz Donna!! I showed the Weber to Larry in hopes he would take the hint!Hahaa
    I have to walk out on the patio, down the stone path, up the stairs to the covered "Grill Palace" (he has about 5 grills out there!) to do my grilling! I'd like something of my Own, up close! It really takes a Manly Man to cook on any of His!
    Love the photos!!
    Don't work too hard!

  7. I LOVE it!! So pretty and comfy. :)

  8. Oh everything off a weber tastes great!
    It'd be so lovely there on your deck...Enjoy

  9. Did I miss the party? Lose my place in line?
    I love touring your new home Miz Donna!


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