July 10, 2010

Word Verification is Going "On" - Sorry!

That's it. I'm too tired to deal with it anymore. I've reached the end of my limit with Chinese spammers.  I moderate comments and limit them to registered bloggers. I report the offenders to Blogger. However, the naughty spam still gets through. As much as I hate the dreaded word verification step for posting comments, I have now put the setting on this blog.  I am sorry, my dear readers.


  1. Oh goodness - well, I hate that you've been getting spammers! But, I don't mind at all word verification.

    Now, if I say THIS - I'll probably get them too, but I've never had even one! Don't know what the difference is. Have a wonderful day, Donna. ((hugs))

  2. I'm so sorry that you are being plagued by these people, if one can call them that. There's nothing I despise much more than a spammer so I understand that you must take steps to stop it. Actually, I've been having trouble everywhere trying to comment these days. I think I've commented, but it flies off and is never seen again.

  3. I had to do the same thing, but it did stop them!

    Don't worry I won't let word verification stop me from commenting! LOL!

    Have a great weekend.

  4. you hate me don't you? it's bad enough that i can never even proof read what i write here -- i know there are ways that i could - but i always 'forget ' or i'm in too much of a hurry -- i hit post , before i think. ugh.
    but now this? you do realize that i'm blind as a bat don't you?
    but, hey, i shall try. i do have a few folks that i suffer through the word verification for. but i only try twice. if i am too blind to get it right after two attempts i am forced to move on without a comment. i get too frustrated.

    anyhow-- ya gotta do what ya gotta do. i get those stupid chinese things all the time too. i have no idea why - or what they're about. most of the time i just delete em. sometimes i leave em, for entertainments sake :))

    anyways -- i hope you have a good weekend - :))

  5. haha i got to proofread it -- but still couldn't add or change it :)) good enough for me though -

  6. So sorry you seem to be being targeted. And you're probably too tired of this, to wonder why. But... Have you Net-done anything recently, which coincided with the beginning of this spam-ing? Seems something triggered it. But what??????

    Also, I have read that Word Ver. does NOT stop a lot of these. Don't remember the 'why' of this but... Some lady who was being thus spammed, said so. -sigh-

    It's so not fair! We are just nice people, having some blogging joy. It's not fair, that these creeps can invade, like this!!!!!! Courage!

  7. Absolutely forgiven, I too get those weird Chinese comments.

  8. No worries, luv. You're worth it.

  9. totaly understand and it won't keep me from putting my two cents worth in!!

  10. Don't worry about it. Most blogs I visit have word verification now. I've never had any Chinese comments... is there a translator for them so you can tell what their comment is? Anyway, I'll still keep commenting! :)

  11. Don't feel bad. As much as I always hated word verification I realized the need for it when I was getting the chinese spam. At least it did put an end to it.

  12. sounds like a good idea Donna...Most sites are using it now..so you aren't alone. I don't mind a bit.

  13. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my post of today.

    And what you said about the [big] number of "Followers," vs. the [much fewer] number of faithful Commenters... I agree and don't "Do Followers Button," any more.

    I know I have "Followed" blogs, to be nice, and then did not continue to follow some. And so, I just don't have that Button on my sidebar any more. Nor do I click that Button, on other's blogs, any more. To me, it means nothing.

    I have the comments, which I get. And have Site Meter, to see how many people actually Visit daily. If I want to check it, that is.

    If I get "down" sometimes, at the few number of Comments I get... I can go check Site Meter, and be *reassured.* ,-) That even though few Comment, many more do Visit.

    I do not understand them... the Lurkers. Most of the time, at least. I admit I do Lurk on some blogs, but for what I feel, are my own valid reasons. I suppose this will make me re-think theses so-called-valid-reasons for it, which I have. And if they are invalid, I will rectify the situation.

    Thank you for joining in this discussion!


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