August 15, 2010

First Sewing Project for 2010

This isn’t my first sewing project ever. But it’s the first one of the year, and the first one in my new studio room! With the record heat wave, the only way to keep cool is to stay inside and dream about cooler weather. So I decided to make some double-sided holiday napkins!

I finally got all of the boxes for this area unpacked a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to my hubby, the storage closet got reassembled last weekend. The room is not organized yet to my satisfaction, and there are no pictures hanging on the walls. (The big reveal of this lovely space will be later on down the road.) But it’s “done” enough for me to jump in and start making some crafting/sewing messes. It’s time to start a few handmade projects after a very long hiatus of moving and living in temporary quarters!

Finding the fabric was the easy part of rounding up the necessary supplies. Finding the other supplies - thread, needles, Bernina feet, rulers, rotary cutter, scissors, and fray check - took at least an hour. See? I told you it wasn’t organized!

Aren’t the napkins pretty? Now that I got these done, I’m ready to start on some more!


  1. Those are truly gorgeous! Very festive in a rather unorthodox way. Me likey! And won't a break in this weather be nice? We've had heavy rain since yesterday afternoon. Still dripping. I am enjoying it!

  2. Your napkins are really nice! And it's a good way to spend the hot weather! Here in Austria it's still hot, but its rains every two or three days, its damp, but the heat gets milder, making one think of autumn to come. Have a nice week ahead!

  3. Funny you are indoors away form the heat we are indoors because we are getting so much endless rain and drizzle!
    Brrrrrrr It is cold here:)
    I would love a sewing room to escape to.

  4. Oh Yes, they're Very pretty!! You're so talented! I used to be able to thread a needle but not so much now that I can't see the eye. I'm hopeless at needlework and admire anyone who can.

  5. It's been a while since I've gone up to the sewing room. Once the cooler weather hits, I will use the machine more. Right now, as hot as it is, I want to enjoy the pool and the kids coming over. And it feels so good to be able to kick around the pool with my knee mostly better. Wish I could do that year round!

  6. Those are very pretty. At least you have the excuse of moving for your lack of organization. I'm sure your space will be in tip top shape long before mine

  7. Donna, Love the napkins! Beautiful!


  8. Very nice my friend!! Me likey! What's next?

  9. They are precious! With them and a pic or two of snow, you could almost cool down... Just with them. Mmmmmmm, almost. Not quite. Almost. :-) Stick with the A/C though.

    The Seasons seem to have turned a bit, up in our neck of the woods, and I'm glad. Oh Summer isn't over yet, but........


    And do I detect an Autumn Feel to your blog now? I think so. I'm getting *itchy* to do some changes on my blog look toooooooooooooooo...

  10. Very pretty. I have some Christmas fabric that I'd like to use up...table napkins would be a nice way, but they won't be as pretty as these because your fabric is terrific.

  11. Gorgeous! Hoping I'm inspired enough to stay inside and create at my sewing machine. Can't wait to see your new studio!

  12. I Love them! The color picks were Perfect! And you're ahead of me...Christmas sewing!Hahaa
    I tried to sew...once...Hahaa
    Happy day Miz Donna!

  13. So pretty, I agree. Like our other Donna, I tried to sew once. It was a skirt I made in Home Economics; too tight, too short, etc but I got a good grade since I didn't have to model it. bwahahahaha

    Oh wait, I did make a dress once; I loved it-my mom hated it and one day I found it in her rag rug that she'd made and she denied that FOREVER! :)

  14. Lovely napkins! You're so talented! :)

  15. Someone unpacked her sewing machine! :-)
    Hugs! Diane

  16. Beautiful! I've been sewing new curtains and an apron and even took on a major painting project in an attempt to avoid some of the heat.


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