August 29, 2010

September - A Look Ahead

As you can see, I got a jump start on the fall season already with decorating my blog. We can’t say goodbye to this summer heat fast enough! And I figured I might as well get a jump start on planning September’s activities.

Of course, we’re spending the first part of the month in British Columbia, Canada. (Marty looks way too much like a bear appetizer, so he will be minding the cottage for us.) Between the house sale, building, moving twice, and my knee replacement, vacations have been a bit scarce for us the past couple of years. So it’s good to be finally cutting loose in our retirement years. I’m sure that I will be boring you with adventure tales and photos in the days and months ahead, LOL. Hmm, maybe I’ll even be going through one of those new-fangled security scanners at the airport that scans right past the underwear!

Once we get back home, I’ll probably spend the rest of the month doing laundry from the trip. Just kidding! Isn’t funny how dirty clothes tend to expand in size, especially after traveling? In addition to household chores, I’ll be resuming work in my “not-so-part-time-at-all” job. The work is pretty tedious and dull. It is also very time consuming and takes away from my coveted retirement time. Ah, it’s the age-old dilemma of time and money!

Further progress on organizing and decorating the house will be on my to-do list. But I also plan to get more sewing time in and start to have some fun with my handicraft hobbies. Christmas will be fast approaching, so I’d like to get a head start on some handmade gifts. With cooler temperatures, we’ll also start walking in the subdivision and getting some exercise besides an occasional visit to the local fitness center.

A significant milestone will occur this month. Marty whispered in my ear and reminded me that the 400th blog post will happen in September! Good grief, that’s a whole lot of blabbering. You can anticipate a little giveaway as part of the celebrations. After listening to me ramble on and on and on, someone deserves a prize!

I’ve got comments turned off for now. I’ll talk with everyone a little bit later! Best wishes to all my blogging friends!