September 12, 2010

BC Vacation – Random Thoughts

Here is a collection of my thoughts, jumbling through my wee little brain, about our glorious British Columbia vacation (in random order).

  • There is such a thing as a sunny day in British Columbia.

  • Luggage is heavy.

  • My road-traveling stamina leaves a lot to be desired.

  • When I am in a turning and rocking boat, it is especially challenging to take good pictures with a telephoto lens.

  • The beauty of digital photography is that you don’t spend money on film and processing anymore.

  • Bears could care less about people when they are busy fishing.

  • Natural Habitat Adventures is a great nature tour company.

  • I know where my delete button is on my camera and also know how to use it.

  • After spending quality time immerse in natural beauty, the big, impersonal city of Vancouver was a letdown.

  • I love riding in a helicopter.

  • When the helicopter pilot flat-out zips through a mountain canyon like a Star Wars fighter pilot, I love it even more.

  • I enjoyed being with my sweetie and making memories.

  • A postcard stamp in Canada costs $1 and 12 cents tax.

  • I missed blogging and I didn’t miss blogging.

  • Vancouver is a very expensive place to live.

  • Traveling is lot more fun with a Kindle.

  • It is nice to be able to take electronic gadgets with you on vacation, but packing all the power cords puts a twist in your knickers.

  • Each bear looks surprisingly different.

  • We over-packed, again.

  • Never underestimate the small and quiet moments, particularly while you are sipping hot coffee on your cabin porch and watching the changing sunrise light on the mountains.

  • We said “thank you” prayers for our great travel guide.

  • Adjusting to unexpected events provides welcomed opportunities for adventure.

  • We are too tightwad to pay Westin’s outrageous charges for internet access.

  • The Tweedsmuir Lodge staff was terrific.

  • I ate too much.

  • Canadian beer is quite tasty and refreshing.

  • It will take me a long time to go through 30 gigabytes worth of photos.

  • A trip out to Stanley Park in Vancouver is worth it to see the totem poles.

  • Small group tours are much better than large group tours.

  • We now know about a (secret) shuttle between O’Hare airport terminals.

  • Bears are very nimble and fast.

  • We made new friends.

  • The Fairmont at the Vancouver airport was gorgeous and quiet as a mouse.

  • My bionic knee held up quite well.

  • Canadian Mounties are quite charming, handsome, and friendly, regardless of whether they are rescuing folks from a wayward flight or standing guard over a male bear that just had a fight with a momma bear.

  • Drift boat guides work very hard for the money.

  • “The Hill” gravel road between Anahim Lake and Tweedsmuir Lodge (Heckman Pass) is guaranteed to wake you up.

  • With an 18 percent grade, “the Hill” is not really a hill, by any stretch of the imagination.

  • I really need to have a small point-and-shoot camera for those times that I don’t want to lug around a big camera and lens.

  • There was a really snotty United gate worker at O’Hare airport that didn’t give a flip that our arrival flight was delayed and we only had 10 minutes to catch our next flight.

  • Eagles are quite majestic.

  • It was a special treat to visit with a talented Nuxalk wood carver in Bella Coola.

  • Breakfast and dinner guests facing the window at the lodge always let you know when a bear has wandered into view.

  • It is a lot easier to laugh when you are on vacation.

  • A picnic lunch is very welcomed after a long ride in a drift boat.

  • Unpacking is tedious but should be done as soon as possible after a trip.

  • As soon as one journey ends, you look forward to the next.


    Welcome home Donna! Love the Bear shot. You don't carry a small camera? Some are even better than the Large ones! Go check them out!
    And I know what you mean about the "miss blogging...don't miss blogging"....

  2. You went to "the Couve," but didn't visit the beaches at La Push?

    The above is an inside joke, appreciated only by "Twilight" fans. :-)

    "The Couve"... What 'Twilight' cast called Vancouver.
    La Push

  3. Fantastic picture of the bear. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. That's unreal about the price to mail a postcard. Holy Cow!!!

  4. Those were random but packed full of info all at the same time. I can't wait to see some of those pictures.
    I look forward to those moments someday! Soon! I hope! LOL!

  5. So glad you had a good time. I've always wanted to visit Canada and especially now that I've made blogging friends who live there.

    The room mate I have now is recovering from getting a new knee, but right after her surgery some nitwit pulled on her arm the wrong way so now she has a dislocated shoulder. I feel so bad for her.

    See you later as time allows. They shut down in the activity room at 5 p.m. where this computer is. Isn't that ridiculous? Love ya!!

  6. Great Moments by the sound of it!
    I havea small camera in addition to my Good camera as at school things and the like with the kids I don't look so much like the paparazzi!

  7. Great bear photo. Your list is delightful and funny. Can hardly wait for some photos. BTW, don't ya love digital -- you'd never take that many photos if you were using film.

  8. Interesting!! As always I look forward to your photos...when you are rested up! welcome back Donna!

  9. Can't wait to see your pictures! Loved your bullet points on your random thoughts.

  10. You had me at stamina. As in, lack of. Travel is work for me. But your adventures sound WONDERFUL! I am content to be a voyeur (chop chop with the pics, babe) and live vicariously through you.

    I have been an armchair traveler ... Isak Dinesen

  11. Hi Donna! Fun random thoughts - 18 percent grade on a gravel road??? They'd have to drag me up kicking and screaming, and I'd have to die there....LOL!


  12. Love all your travel points Donna. Welcome home. Sounds like your trip went well for you. I look forward to hearing all about it, and no doubt catching up with some of all those photos! Your photos are always terrific! They echo your very organized mind and life. No wonder they need you back at work. You are just too valuable to lose!! Wish you had been in Oprah's audience..then you would have been coming to AUSTRALIA next! ;-)

  13. How've I been missing your posts? You must be doing them after I go to bed and then they drift to the bottom of the stack...I'll pay better attention. I enjoyed this stream of consciousness post...great way to touch on those things that are popping to mind. Too bad you couldn't name the cranky pants. I want to go on a helicopter ride like that, too!


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