January 19, 2011

Coming Up for Air

Isn’t this a beautiful sunset? Hubby spotted it a couple of days ago and alerted me. I quickly went out on the front porch and captured the moment.

I’m sorry that I can’t do a long post right now. The new job started this week and I am going through a period of readjustment and befuddlement.

Thank you for all of the sweet comments on my bird pictures. Your encouraging remarks always rock my world!


  1. That is one spectacular sunset. I wish I could see something like that from my front porch.
    Hope the readjustment is a short one and you settle into the new routine

  2. Wow! It kind of looks like the American flag. Gorgeous! But I expect nothing less from you my friend.

  3. Oh, mercy ... I live for a pink-red-coral-salmon-indigo sunset. What a beautiful picture. Thanks for always being there for me, my friend. I know I'm a handful. You are IN my prayers daily.

  4. I think I saw that same sunset! *wink*
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blogversary post! I always look forward to seeing you visit!
    Good luck on the new position :)
    xo, misha

  5. I Love the colors!! How beautiful...
    Don't you work too hard young Missy!!! This Blog is your First responsibility!!!Hahaaa....
    Is Marty 'gonna have to take over for you? How is he with a camera???Lolol
    Be careful out in that weather!!

  6. Gorgeous photo! So glad he saw/told you. And you caught it. Lovely...

    Don't fret about posting, while you're getting back into the swing of the job. :-)

    Hugs & ♥'s...
    'Cause Valentine Day is coming!

  7. Now, that is an awesome photo. I love it!!!

    We're be here when you have time. ((((hugs))))

  8. Oh man, I can't spell (we'll be here). :)

    This has been a crazy morning, Britt had more surgery but is now in recovery. And, as always I thank you for your prayers, Donna!

  9. Beautiful shot! You get unbefuddled and we'll still be here :)

  10. That is gorgeous!! Hey, aren't you suppose to be retired? Don't work too hard..take care of yourself!!

  11. BTW... I love seeing Marty chewing on your sidebar when I come visit!! :-)

  12. Beautiful sunset, Donna!!! And I loved all the bird photos you posted, too! I hope you enjoy being back at work :)... Donna

  13. Oh I'm glad that you didn't miss that one! A new job? Hmmm, must backtrack to find out what's going on.


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