February 9, 2011

Tree Trimming

climbing up the oak tree

We decided to have some work done to add a few small “hardscape” areas around our cottage and also extend the backyard grass. As part of this improvement project, we’re first having a few trees in the backyard trimmed or cut down. One huge branch on a gigantic oak tree had to go because it was precariously leaning toward our neighbor’s house. There were also some dead/broken trees in the yard that needed to be thinned out and immense poison ivy vines removed.

roping and climbing in the treetops

The trimmers came mid-day and got right to work.  Ah, the excitement of it all! It was fun to watch this fellow climb and cut with the chainsaw. I took a very short break from my procedure editing job to witness the demise of the big branch.

there goes the limb

The view from hubby’s upstairs office was perfect to see the action.  Look out below!!!

cutting off a chunk

We could tell that this guy knew exactly what he was doing because he made it look easy. But I wouldn’t go up there and do that kind of work for a zillion dollars! These men work hard for the money!

ready to fall

The tree crew did a great job today. There’s still a little cleanup and hauling left to do, but they are going to come back and finish those tasks on Friday.

I hope that you noticed a little sprucing up here on my blog too! I added new custom blog background and header a few days ago. I created them from a photo I took of an antique quilt displayed at a local festival. I love the bright and cheery colors of the vintage fabrics used, particularly the bubblegum pink! The pattern is called wedding ring. If it could talk, I wonder what stories the old quilt could tell.


  1. I don't think I could do it Either!!!
    And I Love that quilt! I noticed the new goings On in here but forgot to Say anything!!! Sorry!!
    Don't work too hard Girl!!

  2. Goodness! I wouldn't want that job either. I can't wait to see what you do back there.
    And your blog looks fabulous. You're so talented.


  3. I have a dear friend that does this kind of work. Very hard indeed! Worth every penny they get!
    Love your blog background. So welcoming!
    xx, shell

  4. No way would you get me up in those trees. I would never get back down again..lol
    Just love that blue sky in the pictures. Haven't seen one like that in a while

  5. Yes, indeed! The new header was the first thing I noticed! It is beautiful. I love old quilts...and you are right...I am sure the old quilt would have some good stories to tell!

  6. Those tree cutters are amazing to watch!

  7. I love the new header! I have a wedding ring quilt that my Grandmama made. She made quilts and had them stored away to give to each of her Grandkids as a wedding gift. One night she had me pick out which two I wanted because she knew I would be getting married soon, but she was afraid she wouldn't see that day. She died 3 months later and I was married 2 months after that. I've never used them - I'm afraid to mess them up, because I know there will never be another one to replace it.

  8. Oh Wow!! You would'nt want to have a fear of heights eh?
    So poision ivy really exists?

  9. I love your new header! Years ago we had a large tree cut down on our property. It was amazing to see the efficiency of how they did it! I could never do that..I'm afraid of heights. I get scared standing on a chair! Happy Thursday!!

  10. Well I'm just glad to look at these great photos and not see John! May I ask how you are ridding the property of poison ivy? We have so much of it around here because the town stopped spraying the roadways and it's even coming up onto the road. Beware taking walks in one's sandaled feet!

    Yes, I did notice the updates on your blog. Very cheerful header and I wondered if you had made the quilt.

  11. that is a tall tree! I could NEVER do that job!

  12. Your blog decor is lovely!

    Your tree trimmer sure knows what he's doing. It has to be so nice to have such big trees.

  13. Your new header and background are magnificent! I sat all afternoon last summer one day, watching the men take down a tree in the neighbor's yard. It's fascinating. They are so talented!

  14. I have a gigantic globe willow that needs taken down. I'll definitely be calling in the experts! Looking forward to seeing what you will do with the space!

    I also have to say... your blog looks amazing! I'm so impressed that you created it from a photo! It took me ages to get up the courage to use a template someone else created, and to widen my photo blog (per your instructions)! My photos are still too small though... I'll have to work on sizing them now. Lol!

  15. Love watching them too and it is hard work. I couldn't do it either but I love cutting some that are lower to the ground, which I have to do with my River Birch trees. I love them.


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