March 1, 2011

March – A Look Ahead


Halleluiah! Spring is coming! When you see a daffodil bloom, you can’t help but feel cheered! Oh, how I miss the hundreds of blooms we used to have at our former country cottage. But we should finally have some new daffies greeting us later on this month at our new Grey Havens cottage. If you recall, this past November we planted some bulbs in the front flowerbeds. There are over a dozen stalks of green peeking through the mulch right now, and I am checking their progress each day. (Yeah, I’m compulsive like that!) We saw some old-fashioned ones blooming alongside a road last week and we let out with a whoop and a holler! It’s such a simple thing, but I do adore daffies!

Hubby already fertilized the lawn last month. We have some rain showers arriving this week, but our lawn contractor should be starting our small hardscape additions soon and extending out the lawn in the backyard. I need to remember to take “before” pictures in-between the raindrops this week!

I am hard at work with my temporary consulting job and telecommuting. It is frustrating at times, but I am soldiering on and getting the work done. And the first couple of paychecks have rolled in to help soften my annoyances! Half of me wishes that I was back to the carefree life of retirement, but the other half recognizes that the additional income is a blessing in these days and times of economic uncertainty. Alas, there isn’t much time for blogging except for the weekends!

I have some more grizzly bear pictures to share with you, though you are probably getting bored with them by now! Hahaha, deal with it! I have lots of other traveling photos that I may share this month if I can find the time to get processed through Photoshop.

I am completing tasks on my “to-do” list for this time of year. I got my annual boobie-check done last week and today I have my annual physical. Also, I prepared our 2010 tax return recently and discovered that we owe some mega-bucks as result of my temporary work stint last year. Boogers! So now I wait until the last minute in April to file and send in a humongous check to our ungrateful Federal government (who will promptly spend it on a $3.4 million underground turtle tunnel in Lake Jackson, Florida, or something else incredibly stupid).


  1. I get excited about flowers to my friend. They just make me happy. And I never tire of your fabulous vacation pictures. I find the bears fascinating.

    And as long as they spend your tax money here in Florida, I'm okay with it. LOL!
    Don't work to hard. Take time to smell the daffies!

  2. Happy March!! Nothing I hate more than having to pay taxes at the end of the year, after they chopped my check up all year! I'm looking for my daffodils but can't see anything through all the stinking snow we still have on the ground!

  3. Awwwwwwww you remind me of my daddy. He raised daffodils, all varieties. He knew it was my favorite flower. After I was married and moved out of the house, one spring day my dad appeared at the front door, with ah handful of those beautiful flowers for me.

  4. My little patch of daffodils is growing under a hood of snow. I'm cheering them on. They certainly are a cheerful spring flower and if you already have a dozen groupings coming up, you're going to be very blessed soon. As for your working...sometimes things come to us out of the blue and so I'm glad that this has come to you for a season. Retirement can wait just a titch longer...

  5. LOL....and beautiful photo! believe it or not, we had a moment when it was snowing here on sunday!!! but today will be in the low 70' spring is on its way here too...just crazy rollercoaster ride with the weather. we owe this year too...because hubby retired....but....what can you do? and i agree...a job in this economy is a gold mine! hang in there....and hoping your spring comes soon!

  6. I love daffodils also and can't wait to start seeing them around here.
    Too bad about the taxes. Nothing worse than having to pay them.

  7. No daffodil sighting here. Up in "Snow Land." Bleahhhhh...

    I don't even pine to see flowers. I just WANT the SNOW cover to be GONE.

    To quote "Winnie the Pooh,"........ OH BOTHER...


  8. I like your March photo. I took some pictures of some daffodils yesterday and didn't think to do this type of composition. I might have to give that a try next time.

  9. I love seeing signs of Spring. Winter was just way too long this year.

  10. Donna, I am so jealous! We are still knee-high in snow up here. It will be quite some time before I see any daffodils pushing through the soil! Enjoy the weekend!... Donna

  11. Have a nice, relaxing weekend!!

    My back tells me spring has sprung after working in the yard today! :)

  12. Hahahaaa....loved the last paragraph about the Turtle Tunnel donations...LOL...Read it outloud to my Hubby, and he said, "or Sesame Street subsidies!" Why do we subsidise things that are making money hand over fist?????
    Happy March Donna!

  13. Every year I tell myself to plant some Daffies and I don't. I'll enjoy yours.

    You are so dedicated and organized. How'd ya get to be like that? LOL

    I'm hesitating on my taxes too...having to add in SS Disability payment and no taxes taken out. Sigh. But I am very blessed, so all is well!

    I'm catching up, so I'll be seeing the bears!

  14. I was having a nice day until you mentioned the Federal gubmint!


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