April 3, 2011

A Little Dirt Moving and a Lot of Foot Tapping

john deere skid steer at work

One of these John Deere babies visited us last week! More of the long-awaited yard spruce-up project is underway again. If you will recall, they did some tree removal and trimming back in early February. The landscape company sure isn’t breaking any speed records. It was supposed to be done by April 1 – promises, promises! And we have our doubts that it will get done before we head out of town, especially since more rain is predicted for this week. We were also not too happy when they ran over a lovely 20+ tall dogwood tree.


Right now we have a lot of bare dirt in the backyard. Except for one trench dug out around the HVAC unit, no hardscape work has been done and the flowerbed around the mailbox hasn’t been touched. Wish us luck that it will all get finished before summer time is over – ha!


  1. Hiya Donna
    Sure wish we could share equipment. Worked out in the yard a bit today with Luscious. Got my first tick off of my back this afternoon.
    Thinking of you with much affection.

  2. I bet it's going to look beautiful when it's all finished. IF it gets finished. LOL!

  3. Your yard looks like mine 'cept I'm doing the digging. See, you should have hired me; I'm faster than a John Deere. :)

  4. 20Ft DOGWOOD???? OMWord! I'd be banging some heads together!!!
    It's raining here right now...at least I won't have to water...
    Happy Monday Girl!

  5. But... That machine... Makes it look as if some serious earth moving, could have been done.

    -chuckle- Pics can lie, hu? Good wishes for the completion! Geeeee, I'd think they'd be so happy to have work, that they would be.... *working* on it. :-)

  6. And yes Ma'am! I like your pics! Great size-wise! :-)))))))))))))

  7. I would not be happy about that dogwood either! Hope they get it finished soon!

  8. Good Luck, I'm sure it will be well worth the wait.

  9. I do wish you luck but I know the end result will be splendid! That's just how it goes at Grey Havens.

    Which I hope to visit again soon! I need me some personal tutoring in the art of photography. Marty are you listening?

  10. they ran over a dogwood? oh my. good luck in getting all finished. I'm betting it's going to be gorgeous once it's done

  11. We had the same thing happen on our property six years ago. They took out Dogwoods and Redbuds. I cried. J has slowly replaced everything but it is just not the same....
    Terrible storms and tornadoes here last night. Hope you didn't have any damage from the storms!
    xo, misha

  12. Good heavens. They'd better get going before your banking has to be hauled back from the forest. I know that you can either sweet talk them or ...

  13. Dealing with contractors can be such a hassle. Since they work on multiple jobs simultaneously, it seems they never finish YOUR project on time as promised. And I'd be irritated too that they ran over your beautiful tree.

    Hang in there, Donna. The job will get done soon, and then life can get back to normal. :-)


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