April 12, 2011

Springtime in Zion Series – #1

Hello, this is Marty and I’m in charge while the humans are away. Actually, I’m in charge most of the time, but we’ll not share that little secret with Donna, okay? Welcome to a new series: Springtime in Zion. That stands for Zion National Park, located in southwest Utah!

When April’s bright green foliage contrasts with southwest desert rocks, it creates an explosion of color. Add a stand of cacti, as found in the north side of the park, and you have a symphony of textures too!

And there is nothing like these massive rock peaks to make you feel small and insignificant!


  1. Marty! Did you hop in the luggage? I thought you were going to stay home and hold down the fort. You are one amazing rabbit...

    The textures and colors are wonderful...love seeing them up close this way.

  2. Gorgeous! Someone I work with was just telling us that she is retiring and moving to St. George Utah which apparently is very close to Zion National Park! Lucky her!! Thanks for sharing, Marty!!

  3. Ahhhhh!! So Beautiful!
    My poor little Marty all alone...email me!! Mommy will Never know that I've got you a hot date!Hahaaaa
    Have Fun Donna!!! Can't wait for more shots!

  4. You are all most in my neck of the woods...

  5. Well hello Marty. Gorgeous pictures that you've shared today. I hate to tell you this but Donna will be able to read for herself that you said you are in charge. You may want to edit that out to cover your tracks. I promise I won't say a word though

  6. Marty! How nice to see you again (you are such a cutie pie, by the way)! Thanks for posting those gorgeous photos! I especially liked the one of the tall rock formation. Very lovely!

    (Hope you're having fun in NM, Donna, and are taking lots of pictures!)


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