April 19, 2011

Springtime in Zion Series – #3

Your neck gets a workout at Zion because you are constantly looking UP! Vibrant scenes like this are right by the roadway. Radiant sunlight and feathery clouds like this at the Riverside Walk area capture your heart. This particular locale is on the northern end of the park shuttle.

The Grotto area has a magical canopy of huge trees, just north of the Zion Lodge. Several trails lead off from here, including to this arch carved into the mountain’s base and the one to the famous Angels Landing. You have to be sure-footed, young, and very brave to try that tortuous trail!


  1. Gorgeous shots Donna!!
    I wonder what's in that cave area? Would be fun to explore if I were 30yrs younger!Hahaa
    Course...there might be a bear in there...forget it!Lol
    Glad you made it home?

  2. Incredible! I visited your link and had a panic attack just watching that girl pick her way over the rocks. Anyone ever get killed up there? Perhaps that's why they call it "Angels Landing."

  3. Gosh I thought they had closed Angels Landing. I was sick when my daughter told me she had hiked it, it is scary but probably amazingly beautiful

  4. Gorgeous scenery. Sure footed, young and brave are 3 things that do NOT describe me. I'll have to settle for just viewing your lovely photos :)

  5. I don't think I'd be brave enough to hike in mountainous areas like that, but I sure do love looking at that mountain scenery! Very beautiful!!

  6. I like the first one. The blue sky is awesome.

  7. Actually the richness of all the colors in the first one are great.


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