May 18, 2011

Let the Heavens Sing

Yes, I am alive and well.  Slow blogging will continue for a while yet.  It seems like I am running more behind than ever with the new computer.  I’m muddling through, LOL.  Our new (extra capacity) external hard drives arrived today from B&H Photo, along with Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 software and Nik Complete digital software to compliment Photoshop.  Let the heavens sing!  Slowly, but surely, we’re getting there!  I am glad to have a Word processing function again that I actually understand.  I can also now set up the “time machine” function to do automatic backups of my hard drive.  The Nik Complete software is for fun and playing!  I’ll start to tinker around with it this weekend.  (It gives me something to look forward to!)

The backyard sod addition got its first mowing trim an hour ago.  It is looking good!  No, I haven’t forgotten to take some pictures and do a post.  I was waiting until the all the landscaping changes got settled in a bit and our flowers were planted.  So there’s another thing I need to add to my to-do list this weekend: new pictures of the yard for a blog post.

Since we are singing along with the heavens, we need something inspirational to look at, don’t you think?  Here is a photo I took at Zion National Park of three rocky peaks called the patriarchs.

With a view like this, it’s easy to shout out a few hallelujahs!


  1. Beautiful picture my friend. As always! I'm sure you'll be zipping your way around your new computer in no time. Can't wait to see your landscaping. I need some inspiration.
    Have a great night!

  2. Sorry I've been dilatory in catching up ... so you DID switch to Macs even though just last fall you told me you wouldn't! How sneaky you are! Wish you could've gone with me to the big crystal Apple cube on Fifth Avenue in NYC last week! It's quite the sight to see. People buying iPads and iPods and iMacs and iEverythings faster than you can say apple pie! You're going to love your new iMacs! Learning curve notwithstanding, it's the best. I love mine sooooo much! Now I need me an iPad 2 ...

  3. Your computer with all the accessories sounds pretty amazing. You can go into business right at home.

    Great picture and it is just those kind that do make me feel like worshipping.

  4. The blue color of that sky is gorgeous! And the soft, white swirling clouds are too! Combined with the orange color of the rocks, this shot is really eye-catching.

    So glad you have your new computer up and running and are getting the programs squared away. It's always easier to do a job if you have the right tools, yes? Can't wait to see your future photo work!

  5. Incredible photo! You've had your machine for 1/6 the time I've had mine, and you are light years ahead of me!!! Slow learner, I guess! I've never used Photoshop before, and I'm struggling a bit, plus don't really have too much time right now to fiddle with it. Love your background photo, too.

  6. Yay!! You're getting there (to a place I'd never get to in the world of computers)! :)

    Beautiful photo!

    Have a great day, Donna!


  7. Sounds like all your hard work is starting to pay off! I'm so illeterate when it comes to computers that I'm lucky I can manage do a blog post or two! Looking forward to pics of your yard!

  8. Love that photo Donna!
    SO glad you are getting into the swing of MAC! Lots of new avenues for you to explore!!
    Can't wait for the photos of the yard!

  9. I'll take any pictures of any blue skies! We haven't seen them in soooooooooooooo long, up here in the NE. Ugh...


  10. I would love a Mac, but I am just too scared of change! Ha!
    That pic is beyond beautiful!
    xo, misha

  11. That is a gorgeous view. Glad to hear things are coming along even if at a slower pace than you may prefer.

  12. Blogger seems to be acting up...I can't see the photo or anything. Not even your header. I will visit again later. Glad to hear you're alive and having fun!

  13. Love that photo Donna. Amazing. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    And yes, I am also looking forward to photos of the yard, but you didn't forget the Brenda Photo Challenge May Flowers is tomorrow did you?
    I am sure you must have a couple of wondrous flower photos for us.


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