May 27, 2011

Timess Taos - Cemetery Entrance

A cemetery is located on the northwest side of the Taos Pueblo. It is situated along with the remains of a previous church and enclosed by a low adobe wall. Many simple wooden crosses can be seen over the wall. This sacred site has been used for countless generations for the local people.


  1. So eloquent in its simplicity and truth...

  2. Unique and wonderful. I see a coffee table book in your future...cemetery gates. Too morbid?

  3. Beautiful Miz Donna!
    And no, I have't forgotten...I'm just trying to decide if I want to continue it...I keep fighting this Blogger comment and signing in THING....Grrrrrrr!!! And I think I'm just wanting to move on in my photography. It's been fun and has served it's purpose for me...I'm OFF the couch and shooting photos and that, for me, was the goal...Still thinking. I'll think it through this weekend and either post the next one OR, let everyone know...
    Happy weekend Girl!
    Donna (Texas)

  4. You've had some wonderful travels and you take the most interesting pictures of the places you visit. Always enjoy seeing them. Never been to this part of the country!

  5. This just proves that you don't need elaborate architecture to be beautiful.
    Love that shot from yesterday and what you did with it.

  6. Very nice, Ms Donna!

    Hope you and hubby have a great weekend. :)

  7. Looks very interesting. Gates were historically/or biblically suppose to be welcoming things, it's only with our fears that we have added locks, and fences to keep things out. How sad. I too see a coffee table book in your future. My friend Carmi did one of her Paris travels on Blurb. Your customers just order directly from them, not too much work. Check it out. I loved your bears.

  8. A coffee book table is a wonderful idea! You have the *eye* for it!

    Just a little FYI. Our vet is being featured on WBIR next Thursday on the nightly newscast! They are doing a piece called "The day in the life of a large animal vet"! She is just a wonderful gal and devoted to all animals!

    Thank you for all your sweet notes about Miss Annie. I appreciate it so!
    xo, misha

  9. Now you're talking my language! BEAUTIFUL, my friend! Have a blessed Memorial Day weekend!

  10. It's so cool when something so mundane can be beautiful. Nice work.

  11. These shots are all so wonderful.


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