June 5, 2011

Landscaping Improvement Project

Here is a rundown of the landscape improvements we had done since the first of the year! If you recall, back in February, we had several trees removed or trimmed in our back yard and a lot of brush/rock cleaned up. As a result, we were able to eliminate the wild jungle look that possessed the last ~40 feet to the property line. After smoothing down and prepping the soil, 5 large pallets of sod were put down.

For the last ~10 feet to the property edge, we had pine straw mulch applied to provide a transition for the wooded common area property. Leaves can be raked into this area this fall, and we can routinely spray with some roundup to keep the weeds at bay.

We also had a couple of hardscape areas installed. One was around the HVAC units on the side of the house. Some erosion problems were already starting to develop here because of the slope and jumble of equipment, so this was our happy solution.

The other hardscape was a stone path installed up near the garage. With a small lot, we don’t have a lot of space to secure and hide the garbage can. We haven’t wanted to keep it in the garage and the yard sloped too much for us to tuck it in at the side. So this was our solution. Instead of being permanently parked in front of the garage, it is now on a leveled area, hidden right behind the holly tree.

This side of the house is shielded from the storm fronts that come in from the west. And it is so easy to roll it right out to the street each week!

So there is a wrap-up of our landscaping improvement project! It took a longer than we planned (3-1/2 months) and lots of prodding to make the landscaping company get it all done, but we are tickled with the end results!

And since we just celebrated Grey Havens’ one-year anniversary, I have to show you what the front looks like now! I took this picture during Memorial Day weekend, hence all the little American flags in the main flowerbed. You’re welcome to come on in and visit with me a spell!


  1. It's so cozy, I love it! I want to sit on the front porch with some sweet iced tea and look at your photo albums. Some day!
    Have a great day my friend.

  2. well I would say that the projects were worth the wait. It look wonderful. Your front porch looks so inviting.

  3. wonderful solutions, I must start hiring people, I've been hauling dirt myself. enjoy your yard.

  4. How I would love to roll on up your driveway and sit and chat awhile with you! Love the Bunny in the garden!

  5. It's beautiful! And, I'm jealous; there I said it!! :)

  6. Oh and it's so welcoming that I want to very much. Everything has turned out beautifully. I love our solution for the backyard and the mulched area. Great idea for keeping the weeds from encroaching.

  7. Love all the improvements.

    also loving all the doors in the previous posts!

  8. Wow, I just LOVE your landscaping, Donna! Very nice! The walkway is so cute and it sure does hide the garbage can nicely. Great idea on the area surrounding the a/c unit too.

    Your house is just beautiful and your land is gorgeous too. No wonder you guys are so happy with the final product! I would be too!

  9. Gorgeous! Great pics. Beautiful home. I see you have a steep backyard as well. Mine is a disaster. I roam around Home Depot on the weekends praying I run into the guy from Yard Crashers on HGTV.

  10. Neatness! I love neatness. :-)

    So, are you bringing us in the front door, next????????????????


  11. Just beautiful, Donna! I have always loved your house and it looks even more lovely than ever! You take great vacations and have this beautiful place to come home to! Wonderful!!

  12. You two have done SO many neat things with the house and yard Girl! I really like the stone!!
    Happy Monday!

  13. Donna, this is so lovely and I know it was a lot of work to do...but well worth the effort...love it all..I see the little bunny has a good place to sit and gusrd the door! LOL

  14. Donna, You have such a beautiful home! Love your front porch!!! And that rusty bunny, I just have to know where did you get it?


  15. Tammy - I'll answer you here and also on your blog. Someone else may want to know the answer too.

    We got that rusty bunny on a stake at the Kentucky Arts Center in Berea, Kentucky. We've gotten several from them, as a matter of fact! I don't know the artisan who creates them and I can't find them on the web. There appears to be a company in CA with a web store that has similar item: http://www.mountain-iron.com/index.html. I can't endorse them, since I've never done business with them, but their prices and designs look pretty good! They have several bunny designs and a cute squirrel one too!


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