July 8, 2011

Alaskan Adventure!

Isn’t this a delightful graphic of Mount McKinley?  The legendary peak is now called Denali, which is Athabaskan for “the high one”.  The image is scanned from a 1960 map cover that my husband purchased many decades ago.  The artist was Dwight Shepler, famed World War II illustrator.

We’re down to the wire now and will depart tomorrow on our grand Alaskan adventure!  Hubby has been preparing for the past few weeks and taking care of details while I’ve been working. I am scrambling today to pull all my stuff together and get packed.  We’re excited that this moment in time has finally arrived!

The journey certainly qualifies as a “trip of a lifetime”, and it is one that has been duly noted on our bucket list.  And those airline miles we have been accumulating over the years are finally being put to good use, LOL. We were so happy to find a tour company called Natural Habitat Adventures that specializes in adventure trips for small groups.  We think they have the best Alaska tour itinerary available – hands down, period. And we have traveling friends who took this trip a couple of years ago and they highly recommend it.  Natural Habitat runs a half-dozen or so of its Alaska tours each year, and we are going on the one specially designed for photographers!  We already know our guide from the grizzly bear trip we took last year in British Columbia, and he is a treasure.

We are going out several days early and staying several days later than the tour so that we can do some explorations on our own.  This vacation will be bittersweet for my husband because Fairbanks was his home during the 1960s-70s, and he will be seeing the blessed Alaska countryside again after all these years.  Every single thing on this trip will be new for me.  After going on a small boat tour of southeastern Alaska over fifteen years ago, I've had a small taste of the magnificent sights we will see on this adventure.

The itinerary will have us exploring interior Alaska and the coastline, including three national parks (Denali, Kenai, and Katmai).  Our modes of travel will include vehicles, train, floatplane, and boats.  We’ll see wildlife and grand vistas, glaciers and rainforests, tundra and mountains, rivers and lakes. We’re packing lots of camera equipment and digital storage media, of course!  Hopefully, there will be a little room left for taking some underwear.

We’re taking an iPad with us to periodically check e-mails.  But there will be limited internet availability throughout our travels.  My blog will go on a temporary vacation too.  Marty is in charge and will be minding the place. I will miss you all and I appreciate your good wishes!  Please visit me when I return and get an special armchair journey of the Alaskan frontier! 


  1. I already said this but I'll say it again..have a WONDERFUL, safe trip and can't wait to see those awesome pictures!

  2. Safe travels, lots of adventure and fun, good food, good companionship, and joy be yours. I'm thinking by August we're all going to need an Alaskan adventure.

    Thank you for commiserating with me over that dang dashboard. And if I could find where to leave them some feedback, I most certainly would. My only problem would be to make it nice while still showing the depths of my ire.

  3. Is the stationwagon packed??? Don't forget to wake me!!!
    HAVE FUN!!!!

  4. What an amazing adventure! I know you will enjoy it to the fullest! Wish I was going along with you...I could carry your bags! heehee! ♥

  5. have a wonderful.wonderful time...sounds amazing...we did an alaskan cruise so our exploring was limited...but even that was awe inspiring!!! will be anxious to see photos when you return...be safe and enjoy!

  6. Oh good golly - I've been waiting for this trip for quite a while!!! So excited for you and hubby. Have a splendid time!

    Take care and be safe.

    Love ya!!

    (My dad was stationed in Alaska while in the Navy back in l948-49. He loved it!)

  7. I can't wait to see what you bring back from this trip. Have a wonderful time

  8. We here in blog land are all so jealous of you! I hope you have lots of fun, take lots of pics, and enjoy every minute of your journey together! We will be waiting patiently on your return and eager to see your pics.

  9. Hi Donna, I hope you and hubby have a fabulous trip.. Sounds like the 'trip of a lifetime'---and I want to talk to you more about it ONCE you are home. We were originally going to take an Alaska trip (plane/train/cruise) --and backed out of it because we want more of what you all are doing...

    We took a 3-week trip out west from June 10-18. It was FABULOUS ---and I'll be blogging about it for a long time I'm sure. Hubby and I each took about 2500 pictures... ha

    Have a wonderful trip and catch back up with me when you get home.

  10. I'm reading and running, so as to rest my back, by not staying on the Net, for long.


  11. This sounds great. I look forward to seeing images from your trip. I hope you guys have a wonderful time.

  12. Marty'll git 'er done. Can't wait to see your pictures! Hope it's a dream trip from start to finish.

  13. Have a wonderful trip! Can't wait for the photos to come.

  14. This sounds exciting and daring! I hope you two have a fantastic trip, and that you get to see more beauty than you ever thought possible. That should translate into some gorgeous photo posts on your Blog, and we can't wait to see them!

    Be safe, and have a really great time. We'll miss you, but look forward to your return, Donna!

  15. Have a wonderful trip and when you return I shall live vicariously through YOU!
    We were to have gone to Alaska over J's 2 week school break.We would just have returned on Sunday :(
    Of course, we ended up cancelling the trip because of me..and my bout of a Flare. I was crushed. And I feel so bad for J. He did so much planning.Such is life.
    So do something with me in mind while adventuring in the Great Wilderness!
    Have a safe and very good time!
    I will come by and visit Marty!
    xo, misha

  16. I don't need to remind you to have FUN! And to take LOTS of pictures!! See you when you get home.

  17. We still have not booked our trip to Alaska this summer we have had to many health issues with our parents, still keeping my fingers crossed. Your trip sounds wonderful can not wait to see all your beautiful pictures!

  18. Can't wait to see the pics. My bro and sis in law went a few years back. It was amazing. I'm jealous. Hope you are having a great time!

  19. Oh Yeah! Did you have an Anniversary on the 21st???
    Hope you had a great one!!!

  20. Thanks for the note, I loved it. Look for a return in your box. Hope that you're still having the time of your lives.


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