July 5, 2011

July - A Look Ahead

Mercy me, I am getting the “look ahead” post loaded up a bit late this month. There were too many other things to celebrate and share before this monthly feature! Last month turned out to be very busy, and it looks like I somehow exceeded my normal posting schedule. Whew! I hope all of that helps to make up for the meager blogging that will occur this month.

For my regular readers, you know why I will be AWOL. After this week, we’ll be gone for the rest of the month and cavorting in the wilds of interior and coastal Alaska. Except for regular watering, our flowerbeds and herb plants will get neglected. Our visiting hordes of hummingbirds will have to look elsewhere for food. The kitchen will be devoid of delicious smells and food. The computers will be sleeping. Activity at our cottage will come to a standstill. Undoubtedly, Marty will be running wild! 

We’ll be taking a regular ipad with us, but we will have limited availability of wireless connections or time. And I have been way too busy to line up a bunch of posts for publishing during our absence. So my dear blog will go on a temporary hiatus soon. 

My consulting work will be suspended during this period too. The break will be welcomed. I have been pretty much working full-time for a year now. It has been difficult to adjust out of my retirement routines, both physically and mentally. My original 6-month contract for this particular work assignment ends mid-month. But I have already agreed to an extension through mid-January. Then, I will happily return to retirement life once again. (I think, LOL.) 

We are looking forward to our grand Alaskan adventure! I’ll be posting about the trip itinerary later on this week.


  1. Donna, many thanks for the gifts from your drawing this month...they arrived this am . I know this book mwill make wonderful reading!I also appreciate the hand made card with your special photo and the handkerchief holder..how very nicely made it is. I will use it in my purse ..so pretty! many thanks my friend..and have a wonderful trip to Alaska!! Thank you ...and Bon Voyage!

  2. Don'tcha worry. We'll be soaring in lazy arcs above waiting for the first glimmer of activity. Have great fun in Alaska and take tons of pictures. I'm sure that we'll find them cooling in August's heat. Until the middle of next January? Can you not time things any better than that? ;D

  3. I am in and out too, with so many summer activities. Have a wonderful time in Alaska! Looking forward to some amazing photos and stories when you return!

  4. You are going to love Alaska. I've visited parts of the inside passage and as far as Fairbanks. Someday we hope to get to Denali.
    I have both lived and traveled the Yukon extensively. You must put that on your list of places to go!
    Have fun!
    Stop by and visit my blog when you get home!

  5. So excited about "our" trip to Alaska, as you know. LOL

    Looking forward to the itinerary. :)

    Have a blessed day!


  6. Have a wonderful trip, Donna. Looking forward to your amazing pictures. We'll try to keep a eye on Marty for you!!

  7. Ahennnn!! If Sally gets to go, I'm going toooo!!! AND Marty! Gheeeez! Parents!Hahahaaa...leaving us kids at home.....

    Larry and I have just about decided to just keep working and get away when we can...Is it election time YET???Hahaa

    ENJOY YOURSELVES and don't think ...about...us, one little bit..sniff, sniff...LOLOL

  8. I hope you have a super fantastic time. Relax some for me! Can't wait for all the pictures you'll take!

  9. What an amazing adventure! It's the perfect time of year to travel there, too! ENJOY! Have fun and take lots of pics! ♥♥♥

  10. My but you are a busy one. You post when you can and I'll be here to read it. Enjoy your trip and I look forward to seeing all the fabulous photos you'll get

  11. Hope you have a fabulous time on your trip and we will all be waiting patiently to see your pictures when you get home! Enjoy your vacation!

  12. Have a wonderful time in Alaska. That's one trip we hope to make when my sweetheart retires. Maybe next year!


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