August 28, 2011

Begonia Mystery Solved

This was the first year that we’ve been able to set out annual flowers along the front walkway of our new home. We decided to plant red begonias for a nice pop of color. Sadly, the plants look just as small now as when we first planted them in April, despite routine watering and fertilizing. We chalked up the poor performance to the thin layer of topsoil that the builder put on our lot. 

By happenstance, I found out the true culprit when I glanced out my home office window yesterday. It’s MARTY! The little booger! I watched him happily munching away on the flowers and leaves, quite content in the fact that we unwittingly provided him a garden buffet this summer. 

I quickly grabbed my camera while he was cooling off under the shade of our pint-sized Japanese maple. I got this picture of him, in-between bites, and applied an oil painting filter to the image.

Marty, you better get your fill while you can because this will be the last year that we plant begonias! You are so busted!


  1. Hahahaaaa.... OH NO!!
    He Must be acting out because you didn't take him with you to Alaska!!! Poor Baby!!
    You'll have to re-think taking him on your next adventure!!

    LOVE the photo Donna!!!! It's Beautiful!!

  2. I suggest crocus' my Marty really enjoyed them as well.

  3. Marty's cousin has been here eating bird seed and our plants all summer!

  4. I could have told you!!!! We used to put gorgeous Impatiens out in our flowerbeds--and the rabbits just ate them up... I didn't know about Begonias though--but I'm not surprised.. We don't put them out anymore --except in hanging baskets....

    Fun Fun!!!

  5. Bad Marty. :) Donna could be on to something, this could be an act of revenge

  6. Tell me about it!! Another (or no doubt many) "Marty" cousins ate and killed an entire hillside of tulips and the bulbs, of course. I'd had them for 3 or 4 years before these guys moved in, and I'm still mad about it.

    Plant daffodils - they don't like them for some reason. Good luck next time around!! Hugs! Jackie

  7. Marty...that makes sense! And how can we mad at him? heehee! ♥

  8. Sorry about the begonias. :-(

    But what a great *Photo Opppppp*, the bunny made. :-)

    Thank you your comments, during the hurricane. We were so very, very lucky.


  9. Awwwwww him so cute, mischievous Marty jackwabbit! He was enjoying his colorful raw foods diet. GREAT photo of his bad self, Miz Donna.

  10. That darn Marty! At least he posed for your photo! I had great luck with begonias (in pots) for a few years, but they didn't winter well last year in the greenhouse.
    We occasionally see rabbits out back, but our dogs keep them out of the yard!


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