August 9, 2011

El Malpais National Monument - La Ventana Natural Arch

We were delighted to find out that this New Mexico area had a natural arch to photograph. The sky turned overcast by the time we got to see it, but the arch’s size and beauty merited a photograph regardless of the weather conditions! One of these days, we hope to get back to Arches National Park again and spend some time there in depth. In the meantime, it is a treat to find sandstone arches at other locations, like this one. There is a nice trail here, picnic tables, and some rest rooms. Except for three other visitors who left about five minutes after our arrival, we had the place to ourselves. 

Here are a few details for you! The La Ventana is the second largest of New Mexico’s arches. It’s name in Spanish means “window”. The arch’s sandstone has been eroding back to the age of the dinosaurs. And, from base to the top, it is reported to stand 135 feet tall. Settled into that massive sandstone cliff, it sure seemed bigger than that!

I have one more post planned to share El Malpais photos. Then I will begin a new Alaska photo series. I am a self-confessed slow-poke when it comes to digital editing, so please continue to bear with me! The poll I tool on my sidebar showed that the majority of my blogging friends would like to see “grand scenics” first. But I find myself getting easily sidetracked in the editing because I keep working on some of the wildlife and bear photos too! You will understand completely when I feature a charming wildlife “portrait” in the upcoming photo challenge (August 20).


  1. Take your time and enjoy reliving your journey. What a nice header you have!

  2. Hi Donna, I know I owe you an email... Haven't forgotten---just been busy.

    Love seeing that arch. Reminds me of some of the gorgeous arches we saw on our trip to the Arches this summer...


  3. Some pretty incredible scenery you photographed! What an amazing trip...thanks for sharing!

  4. Beautiful! I'd love to see that area. Maybe someday!

  5. That arch is truly magnificant!

  6. Larry and I will be taking Larry's parents to Ruidoso in September for a week. His Dad is 86 and Mom, 84...He has breathing problems and had a heart attack back in Jan...don't think we'll get to get out and see much.

    This is Beautiful Donna!!!
    AND! Ok, I'll BEAR with you...Hahaaaa

    And Thank YOU for the sweet BD wish on Twitter!! I saw it this morning but didn't have time to respond....Have a great day Girlfriend!

  7. I will never see these things in person. It is a privilege to see them through your eyes and your lens, Donna.

  8. This is a beautiful place to visit! I looked up the location of the filming of Cowboys and Aliens with Harrison Ford and it was filmed in NM...near where I lived! I can't wait to make a trip back! ♥

  9. I really like this image. Nice composition and colors. Nice work.


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