August 22, 2011

Grand Scenics of Alaska - More Fox Island

We couldn’t help but relax at this intimate island retreat, with no television or internet. It was perfect for “chilling”. We visited with each other, took photographs, watched the clouds and boats pass by, and marveled at the majestic mountains of Kenai Fjords National Park located across Resurrection Bay. At night, the lodge served us a scrumptious dinner. After one more visit to the rocky beach, we retreated to our cozy cabins. The one assigned to us had a lovely view of a large, freshwater lagoon. 

When we woke up, our tour group was happy to see a continuation of the beautiful weather for the scheduled boat trip around Kenai Fjords. This glorious view, looking north toward Seward, was waiting for us at sunrise. After enjoying a big breakfast and copious amounts of hot coffee, we hated to say goodbye to this tranquil setting.

And here are some little learning tidbits about Resurrection Bay!
  • It acquired its name from Alexander Baranov (1747-1819), a Russian-born merchant. He was forced to retreat into the bay during a bad storm in the Gulf of Alaska. When the storm settled, it was Easter Sunday. So the bay and nearby Resurrection River were named in honor of the event.
  • The Bay remains ice-free throughout the year, making it easily navigable. 
  • The opening of The Hunt for Red October (one of my favorites!) was filmed here, with the bay serving as a stand-in for Russia’s Murmansk Fjord.


  1. That is gorgeous beyond belief! How wonderful you got to stay there and take it all in :) Keep writing and showing these spectacular pics!!
    xo, misha

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. That second photo is awesome, both of them are but the second one caught my attention big time. I could stare at that view all day long

  3. This would have been a difficult place to leave....breathtaking!

  4. Oh it's sooooo beautiful. Truly amazing. And how nice to have the perfect weather to go along with it.

    Can't wait to see more.

  5. Gorgeous, Donna. Your pictures make me yearn to see MORE... Love that first one. The colors are awesome.

  6. Gorgeous! I'd love to wake up and chill here, too.

  7. Loved The Hunt for Red October!!
    Filmed there?? Too Cool Donna!
    Beautiful scenery!!!

  8. Thank you for the invitation to just look at pretty pictures. I couldn't just look...had to read and am so glad. I love the story behind the conductor's portrait. Ha! And what a wonderful place to stay overlooking that beautiful lagoon. I am very much enjoying the colors so whether they are being cranked or not, they're great.

  9. I love Hunt for Red October, we have watched it many times. :) Nice to know that this place was the filming for that scene, thanks for that tidbit. I don't have to say it but I still will - LOVELY!! Glad you had so much fun. :)

  10. Spectacular shots!! I love seeing these.

  11. So gorgeous, it's just like a dream. I love the wildness of it!

  12. How beautiful. It must have been hard to leave each spot. Wow.


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