October 26, 2011

Not So Newsy News

Wow, this old image is so NOT me that it is truly frightening. Holy cow. But there is one thing we have in common: the thumb is out of the picture. 

Some of you have been asking how my right thumb is doing since the surgery Tuesday last week. I was doing pretty well until I accidentally bent it too far over the weekend while picking up a laundry basket, of all things. I pulled a stitch. Yee-OUCH! It’s now buried deep. The pulled stitch results in a constantly annoying sting, and the joint remains swollen. So now I have to really baby the digit until I can get the sutures removed next Tuesday. Otherwise, I am on the mend. It has slowed down my typing a bit, particularly when the huge bandage was still on. Writing by hand has been a challenge. And there are a lot of other things that are extremely difficult with a thumb out of commission. Like getting dressed. I get impatient when it comes to healing time. But the end is in sight, and it’s just a silly, small thing. So please ignore my grumbling, okay?  I sure do appreciate all of your get-well wishes! 

We finally got the gutter helmet installed today on the back of our home. Gosh, we were just talking during lunchtime about how we need to verbally blast away at the company for dragging their feet. We put down a deposit over 6 weeks ago! A couple of hours later, the workers magically showed up. They got the job done in no time at all. Cleaning gutters is one less thing we will have on our maintenance to–do list, thank goodness! Now, if we an only get a company to give us a bid for a block retaining wall for the landscaping bed on the left-hand side of our home. All we can figure out is that landscaping companies must be raking in the business because we can’t get anybody to even give us a bid, let alone do the job. 

And, did you know that my very next post will be number 600? That means Marty and I are putting together a bloggy giveaway to celebrate! You won’t want to miss it!

P.S. I purchased a new desk chair, and it is working out great.


  1. Oh your poor thumb...guess it got caught sticking out like a sore thumb. It always seems that whatever is hurting, gets slammed again so easily. No more laundry baskets for you!

    Glad that the guys finally showed up and did quick work. Sounds weird that you're not able to find someone to give you a bid on the other work. I would think that people would be eager for work.

  2. So sorry to hear about your thumb troubles...I broke my thumb a few years ago and simple task can be so difficult. I remember having issues cranking my truck, fixing my hair, and buttoning my pants. Of course I was plum mad that I didn't get to compete in some 4-H horse events. So I feel your pain and wish for a speedy recovery for you!

  3. So sorry about your thumb my friend. Hoping it heals up quickly.
    And Yay, for the gutter guys finally getting there. I know that's a load of your mind.
    Will there be birds in this next giveaway? LOL! Congrats on the almost 600 posts! I've enjoyed them.

  4. Oh goodness. Well, hopefully you'll heal quickly now.

    Have a wonderful day, Donna. (hugs)

  5. That must be really annoying have a stinging thumb all the time. I don't blame you for being impatient for healing! 600 posts is quite a milestone. My 400 passed without me even knowing so I'm looking for my 4 year anniversary which is coming up in November! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. OUCH! So sorry to hear about your thumb. That laundry thing is really dangerous, I think we should all stay away from it...lol

  7. Ouch INDEED!!! Bet That hurt!
    See? I TOLD you laundry was Evil!Hahaaa....You better get Marty to baby you for a few days.
    600 post? Wow! It doesn't take long does it?!!
    Have a great and Restful weekend friend!

  8. Good gracious. In an attempt to make you feel better I will tell you about a good friend of ours -- wonderful singing voice, excellent chap -- who a couple of years ago was out on an all-terrain vehicle with his school-age son, flipped the thing, and managed to RIP HIS THUMB FROM HIS HAND. Believe it or not he accomplished this without a single drop of rum -- or beer. Stone cold sober he did that! Not to imply you'd been imbibing when you picked up the laundry basket, BWAAAHAHA!!!! So see? No matter how bad things are, somebody's always in worse shape. No, they were not able to reattach his thumb. He's a one-thumber now, no digit to baby. If that happened to me I do believe I'd sit in a corner sucking the OTHER thumb for a very long time. As they fed me the Vicodin. Chin up, chickie! As long as you can still click the shutter, happy days prevail.

    Oh and from now on make Marty do the laundry.

  9. Glad your thumb is on the mend...a hand injury seems to effect everything we do on a daily basis!

    I'm beginning to love the term "maintenance free". I wish LOL


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