November 4, 2011

November - A Look Ahead

Wow. Only two months left in the year. When did that happen? I swear, it is like I am caught in a time warp. I come up for a swallow of air on weekends and during vacations, and then I dive back down in the abyss of time that stands still. I have no idea where all the minutes and hours flee to! 

I would dearly love to get some Photoshop work done this month. How many photos from our Canadian Maritimes trip do you think I have completed processing? Try two. Yes, you heard right. Two out of over 1500. Silly me, I’m still working on some of the Alaska images! Oh well, I will have plenty to keep me occupied when I eventually resume retirement status next spring. The Wildlife Wonders of Alaska series of posts will continue this month. Eventually, you’ll get to see the Katmai bears too! I’m really smitten with several of them. Yep, there are some hum-dingers yet for you to see.

It should be a rather quiet month. We don’t have any work projects scheduled around the cottage. Hubby and I have a few medical/dental appointments. My right thumb is still stiff and sore, but it’s rapidly getting back to normal. I was so relieved to get the stitches taken out this past Tuesday. Other than celebrating Thanksgiving and starting the very beginning of Christmas festivities, it should be a rather sedate, boring month. Three cheers for boring! Mr. Jim and I could use some rest. 

Ah, now I am off to see about borrowing some of the energizing batteries that Marty uses...


  1. That retirement date will be here before you know it. I retired last February, and the time just flies. I honestly don't know how I had time to work. I do what I want when I want. I love to sew, photography and cook. Plus I need time for a few naps as I'm usually up at 5:30 am.

  2. This year has flown by. I think a lot of it has to do with this being our first year in this house. We had a lot of projects to do. But I also realize that the older I get the faster they go to.
    Can't wait to see more pictures.

  3. Really? I mean for real? Honestly? Truly? You are going to retire again in the spring? Exciting to think about. Perhaps that's how you have it artificial retirement after the next just to fake yourself out. LOL!

    Whatever photos you are working on I'll be along. They always amaze and impress me! I'm hoping that one day you mught teach us how to do something interesting. ;>

  4. Glad you are having a relaxing month. Hopefully mine will be busy as now that the summer is over and the weather is cooler I have some house projects I would like to get done! Looking forward to more beautiful pics!

  5. Sometimes boring is the most exciting thing of all. Happy Holiday Season, my dear friend!!!!

  6. It seems the older I get the faster my life slips away! Where is time going?

  7. I know! This year has flown by, and when I look at what I've accomplished it doesn't seem like much. :)

    Well, actually I did do some spring cleaning in September. LOL

    Have a restful weekend, Mr & Mrs Jim. ((hugs))

  8. Boring is good...!! Better than stressed out. Still waiting for you to come drag me out of the house...Hahaaaa...I REALLY need to get busy with my camera.
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Agree...this year has flown by! A few more Fall chores to complete and November should be a relaxing month for me as well. Maybe I'll blog more...hahaha. Right.

    I still really love the "annoy rabbit" on the sidebar. It makes me giggle.

    Have a good weekend sweetie :)

  10. Hi Donna, I'll have to catch up on your gorgeous posts... I'm home and feeling better. I don't know which hospital you use in Knoxville---but I highly recommend Parkwest... EXCELLENT in every way!!! They took good care of me.

    Get some REST.

  11. the year has flown by rather fast. I have so many things that I want to get to but just never seem to find the time to squeeze them in.

  12. A sedate, boring month sounds pretty good to me :) I have so many projects going on and even though I accomplish a lot every day, I wish I could make a dent in all of it.

    I really love your header and the Photoshop editing you do. Really gorgeous!


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