November 26, 2011

Time to Deck the Halls!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner celebration with dear friends of ours. We hope all of you had a great day of reflection and gratitude as well.

Now that this holiday milestone has past, there is no denying that Christmas is right around the corner. It’s time to deck the halls! With the help of digital scrapbooking software, I created a new header and background yesterday to dress up my little blog. Today, we are going to start toting boxes down from the attic storage room and decorating Grey Havens. We have decided to only put up the little trees this year and not wrestle with carrying the large trees up and down the stairway. I haven’t put out my Santa collection for a couple of years now, but it may see the light of day this year if I feel ambitious enough.

rosemary window decoration at Colonial Williamsburg

I fondly remember our trip to Colonial Williamsburg last year and witnessing all of their inspirational wreaths and decorations. We can’t make the trip this year, but we would dearly love to go again. Natural adornments, such as the one shown above, help remind us that Christmas decorating doesn’t need to be cluttered, gaudy, inflatable, or expensive.


  1. LOVE your new header! Beautiful! Have fun decorating. (I don't like the inflatables either). :)

  2. I also remember your trip and the photos. Your header is gorgeous. The first thing I noticed.

    I love the window of my favorites.

    Enjoy, but don't wear yourself out!!


  3. It's gorgeous in here!!!
    And did you say we can't get "inflatables" this year???
    AwwwwMannnn!!Hahaaa....Our yard is a "No Blow-up Anything" zone!Lolol...except of course, if it involves cream puffs...
    Glad you finally got to use your scrapbooking program! You did a beautiful job Donna!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. You did a great job on your background and header. I can't wait to see your home all decorated!!

  5. Happy Belated Thanksgiving, Donna!
    And thank you for the well wishes!
    xo, misha

  6. I love your background and header. I have a 5 year plan with my Christmas decorations, I love them all, but just as you say I can't gather enough energy up to do it all. So every year is different, sometime, my nativity collection comes out, the next year my angels come out and so on... last year my tree was feathers, this year something else, give it a try, you'll enjoy the break of feeling ALL your stuff has to come out.

  7. I love your new banner! It's fun to get out our collections and see what we want to display! I was just asking my hubby if he wanted to put together our village this year. Enjoy your weekend! ♥

  8. Your background and header look gorgeous! I'm hoping to start pulling out my Christmas stuff this week. My husband already repainted my metal reindeer couple and added new lights, so they're ready for their debut in the front yard! Let the fun begin!

  9. the blog looks great. I've been thinking I need to get mine decorated for Christmas too. Not ready to pull out the decorations and do the house just yet though. Sounds like too much

  10. I guess we are on the same page...I HATE the inflatable decorations! That's funny that we both speak out about them today!

    I love your header and background! I'm going to have to figure out how to make a background for myself. I have always used a third party background, but love how yours matches your header perfectly. I battled with that today, trying to find a background to match a header I wanted to use. I'm still not completely satisfied with my results though. May I ask - How did you do that?

  11. You blog always is so inspiring.makes one want to get out there and see what there is in this world! thanks for sharing your many travels and wonderful photo shoots! Loving them!

  12. I remember some of your little trees from a past Christmas and love the idea of decorating with all of them. Happy decorating!

    I'm going now to catch up with what you've been doing.

  13. Beautiful new header picture. Can't wait to see some of your little tree collection! I've been getting a few myself over the years!

  14. A very beautiful natural window decoration! It has been years since we visited Colonial Williamsburg but I do remember the beautiful things there.

  15. Yes I too must pull out and dust off all the Christmas ornaments and tree!I just seem to barely have a spare minute these days! The kids are bursting at the seams to decorate! Thats when I miss our old house it was so big and great for decorating for the season. This house is so cluttered Hubby always says it looks like a elf Threw up in it when the kids are done doing the Chrissy dec's! Lol!
    Miss ya! And think of you often Ms.Donna! xo

  16. How beautiful! I hope we can get a fragrant evergreen wreath for our front door. We open it during the day and have a glass storm door closed so the wreath would make the whole house smell nice! ♥

  17. Inflatable, haaaa! Indeed. Merry Christmas, dear one!


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