April 1, 2012

April - A Look Ahead

This month has been ushered in with a flourish of spring growth! The weather continues to be unusually warm, and the vegetation has responded with exuberance. The season is about two weeks further along than last year. Our backyard woodlands have been transformed into a patchwork of green hues. The glorious dogwood blooms are already on their downhill slide. A few late daffodils are still blooming in our flowerbeds, but will probably fizzle out later on this week. The daylily fronds are full and lush. April is a delicious feast for the eyes.

We’ve decided to get a Japanese maple with green foliage and plant it in the front yard. It will keep company another Japanese maple of the Bloodgood variety. The planned retaining wall project around the left-front flowerbed didn’t get accomplished last month because of rain delays. The contractor now promises that it will start this week. Our collective fingers are crossed. With the arrival of moderate temperatures, we also have the itch to go ahead and plant some annual flowers. But we don’t dare. We won’t be here to cover them in case a cold snap arrives. 

Yes, we are going on a little excursion! I am resigning from my consulting work at the end of this week. To celebrate, we’re going to hit the road later on this month! First of all, we’ll be visiting my sweet mom in Indiana for a few days. The trip back home will consist of some touring, visiting, and savoring. We’ll meet up with a dear blogging friend (Joan of Joan’s Journeys) and play tourist in the grand city of Cincinnati. Then we’ll stay in beautiful Lexington to enjoy the thoroughbred races at Keeneland racetrack. Of course, we’ll make sure that the itinerary includes a few visits to Kentucky bourbon distilleries too. 

I don’t plan to blog while we are gone. But, you never know if Marty will tinker around with Missy Mac during my absence and post a few photos! He's full of surprises, you know.

After we get back, I am going to relish a return to “retirement mode.” I have pretty much forgotten what it is like! Many projects have been postponed for the past two years, and I’ll start tackling them one by one. And I am excited that Photoshop CS6 will be released at the same time that I’ll have more time available for photo editing. There is much more for me to learn! And, you’ll be happy to know that I have finally started editing my vacation photos from the Canadian Maritimes. Those photos will make an appearance after the Katmai brown bear series comes to a close. 

April will be a wonderful month!


  1. I'm so happy for you! I know you've worked hard at your job and keeping up with your blog, too...and life! I'm glad you are taking a trip and know you'll take lots of photos to share later! I did last month in review...and your post is looking ahead! Perfect! ♥

  2. congratulations on the upcoming trip! i know you're looking forward to re-retirement and getting away for a bit, too. :)

  3. Have a wonderful month, Donna. I'm sure that you will. I love meeting blog friends -and one of these days, we need to meet for lunch somewhere in West Knoxville.

    Yes, I hope that April is as glorious as March was.

  4. What wonderful plans. Looking forward to seeing your trip on film.

  5. I love that you get to travel so much. It just means I get to see some outstanding pictures when you get back.
    Happy Retirement!

  6. Sounds like wonderful plans. How great that you'll be meeting Joan! I know she must be excited also.

    Take care, and enjoy!

  7. Sounds like you have a lot planned! Have fun with your travels and your retirement!

    Jess and I were in your neck of the woods Saturday. We stopped at Goodwill just off the Hardin Valley exit on our way to Kingston Pike. It was our mom / daughter day out. :)

  8. It sounds like a great month with much to look forward to. You must be getting excited!

  9. The trip sounds so exciting! I'm glad you decided to "get out and play" instead of work :) You deserve it. Looking forward to the Canadian photos!

  10. You enjoy all that time off Girl! I know you'll enjoy your visit with Joan...Can't wait to see the Canadian Maritimes shots!!
    CS6? It's already available on Beta for download if you dare. I think it's free for 30days.

  11. Saw your comment about Topaz BW and all. I actually got myself Topaz Adjust and am loving it. We'll see about Topaz BW. Maybe for a Christmas present.

    As for your comment about me inspiring you, that's always nice to hear. If you want to give IR a try, LifePixel.com has converted cameras for rent. You could also go the filter route. A 58mm filter is $80 at BH Photo. The filters are a bit tedious to use though. You really need it to be a bright day and you are still looking at 30 sec or longer for the exposure. And since they are so dark you can't really see through them unless it is super bright out and you can use live view.

  12. That sounds like a wonderful trip! I'll be in Knoxville May 5-8 and I hope I can see you! Please be back by then! I need my camera tutorial! I guess I should call you.


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