April 7, 2012


St. John’s Anglican Church
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Learn to listen.
Opportunity could be knocking at your door very softly.
~ Anonymous ~

Thirty-five years ago, I started a new job in Tennessee. I took the plunge from the comfort and predictability of the Midwest and moved down to Chattanooga. Little did I know how much that one decision would change my life.

I only stayed a little over a year and then headed eastward to Washington, D.C. As soon as I got there, I yearned to come back, if ever given a chance. Tennessee felt like home. I made a U-turn a couple of years later, gambling with my own job hunting trip and talking my way into an interview. I got the job.

I moved back to Tennessee, this time to Knoxville. Shortly after arriving, a very serious car accident almost took away my life. But I recovered and rewarded myself with a photography class. There, I inadvertently met my sweet love. He was the instructor. A whole lot of living has transpired since those days so long ago.

I started this blog a couple of months after I retired from my engineering occupation. Though I chose to close the career door in late 2007, I’ve stutter stepped a few times since then, picking up some extra work from my former employer. The latest assignment is now over. I’m glad to say that it was an enjoyable one. I met some nice people and the work was challenging. But it’s time to sweep all the clutter out of my noggin, once again, and get back the one commodity that has been in short supply - time.

There are many doors that await us in life. We are presented with a variety of choices. Which ones do we open and which ones do we pass by or close? Like the door pictured above, some don’t even have handles! (Did you notice the first time you looked at it?) We can never fully foresee what lies on the other side. But we follow our hearts and step through, answering a knock and knowing that there will always be more doors later. Faith carries us through.

As I venture through another passageway, hand in hand with my sweet love, you can be assured that there will be more photographs of doors.


  1. That's trip-y that the door doesn't have a handle.

    This post was interesting to read. Sounds like a scary accident.

  2. a very poignant and personal post. thanks for giving us a 'window' into your world. :)

  3. Your post comes from the heart. You are so right, we never know who or what is behind those doors. But if we don't open them its our loss.

  4. What a wonderful way to describe your life. I've made small decisions that have changed my life in big ways. I know God has directed my path...this isn't the one I chose in the beginning. And no, the door photo didn't even completely load before I started commenting. What does that say about me...I wonder! Enjoy your weekend my friend!

  5. Have a wonderful adventure, looking forward to more wonderful photos.

  6. Wonderful story, Donna. YES---the doors of life open and close for us, don't they?????

    If I hadn't stepped out of my box in 2000 and left my Texas family and moved back to TN by myself, I would never have met George....

    Happy Easter.

  7. interesting to hear what path led you to where you are today.
    Have a wonderful Easter

  8. What a great post. Tennessee is the best! I've told my husband for years I'd love to move to east Tn because of the mountains and all the snow they get (unlike here in middle Tn). I'm glad things worked out so well for you.

    I didn't notice the door not having a handle until I read about it. Sneaky :-)

  9. Excellent post, Donna! I've always thought about "roads not traveled or traveled", but I love the door idea!

    And no...did not notice LOL

  10. I love your story and am so happy for you that it's such an enjoyable one.

  11. I feel as though you wrote this post just for me. Not only do I love the picture of the door -- I adore the Gothic shape, the way you rendered it in black and white, and no I didn't notice there was no handle until you mentioned it, so taken was I by the splendid decorative hinges -- but I love hearing more about your life story, and the way you met your sweet love. I do believe in going through new doors and I'm about to go through one myself, ever mindful of fleeting time. And no, there was no handle to the door so yes, I pushed and got in! Thanks for being my kind, understanding friend.


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