May 14, 2012

Digital Photography Training

Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Nova Scotia, Canada

Do you want to rise up and out of the digital photography fog? Are you frustrated that you don’t fully understand your digital camera or its manual? Would you like to take better photo images? Do you want to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop Elements? Do you want to understand photographic terms such as f-stop and ISO and know why they are important? Do you need help in mastering one certain skill, such as proper exposure? Are you tired of trying to learn on your own or through specialized classes taught here and there? If so, read on. 

The evolution of digital photography in the past decade has been astonishing. When digital SLR (single lens reflex) cameras were first introduced, they were extremely expensive and used almost exclusively by professionals. But the consumer market blossomed with Canon’s introduction of the first digital Rebel in 2003 and Nikon’s release of the D70 model in early 2004. Suddenly, digital SLRs were affordable for most photography enthusiasts. Fast-forward to today, and most households have at least one digital point-and-shoot or SLR camera. 

With the explosion of availability and complexity of equipment, it is no wonder that I hear frequent complaints. Folks confess to me that they don’t fully understand how to use their digital camera or processing software. And they don't know where to turn for help. When I converted to digital in 2005, I experienced my own frustrations. I had a good background with film SRLs, but I was a complete novice when it came to digital processing. At first, I let Jim process my images. In 2008, I started doing my own processing using Adobe Photoshop Elements. My training plan consisted of trial-and-error, free tutorials on the web, some books, and a magazine subscription. When we upgraded to Photoshop CS5 in late 2009, we knew the continuation of that strategy would not be satisfactory. 

Thank goodness we found a great web site for training! It’s called It provides video training for a wide variety of software applications. It has 171 courses on the subject of photography, including photographic techniques. Videos tutorials are available 24/7 and taught by seasoned professionals. The training is also affordable, with monthly access at $25/month for basic subscribers and no long-term commitment. Sample video tutorials are available for every course, so you can get an idea of the subject matter addressed and judge the clarity of the instructor. 

Here are a few of the courses that may be of interest to you: 
  • Digital Photography Principles (5+ hours) 
  • Digital Photography Principles: The Camera (3+ hours) 
  • Foundations of Photography: Exposure (3+ hours) 
  • Foundations of Photography: Composition (5+ hours) 
  • Foundations of Photography: Black and White (3+ hours) 
  • Foundations of Photography: Night and Low Light Photography (4 hours) 
  • Foundations of Photography: Lenses (2+ hours) 
  • Up and Running with Photoshop Elements (2+ hours) 
  • Photoshop Elements 10 Essential Training (11+ hours) 
I can confidently recommend training because we’ve used it and it has helped us tremendously. In fact, we just started up a new subscription so that we can learn all the features in our new Adobe Photoshop CS6 program and get a general refresher of image processing techniques. I invite you to check out the web site and see for yourself whether it can assist you too. 

Special Note: I am not an affiliate of, and I receive no compensation from the company.


  1. I love! Thank you for sharing it with me a few weeks ago. It's SO much better than the classes I paid big money for.

  2. What a generous gal you are to point in another direction. I'll look it over. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. A glowing recommendation. I'll have to go check it out

  4. Hmmm...Photo Shop hates me...can Lynda make the love bloom again? Can she make all the bad things I said about PSE go away? Can this relationship be saved???

    You have given me hope!

    Thanks for the tip!

  5. Thank you so much. You're way too nice.

  6. THANK YOU! I'm going over to chek her out now! I was just telling Larry the other night that I WISH I knew where to go that I could stay at home and learn "as you go" without trying to enroll at the local college (20 miles from our house and classes are 6-9pm, 2 times a week...ugggg...just can't do it and work to!).
    And Thank You for your encouraging comment on my "Will" photos! Made me feel Super good, coming from You!!

  7. I was hoping you were going to say you were coming to Texas to teach a class! Lol

    I'll have to check out your recommendation. My only hold up with video instructions is our Internet download allowance/speed. I can only watch for short times and video seems to load inconsistently.

  8. I still can't afford an SLR but I do enjoy my "step-down" sonys and love shooting and learning.

  9. Thank you for sharing your knowledge you have learned over the years. It is deeply appreciated. Truly enjoy your photos and on day hope to arrive there too. LenZie


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