June 2, 2012

Photo Challenge: Antiques

It’s time for another Brenda Photo Challenge! The current subject is “antiques.” After checking out my photos, please click on the above link to see contributions from the other participants. 

We have a nice assortment of antiques here at the cottage, so I have plenty of subject matter. The hard part was making a decision! I dragged my feet on the assignment until this past Thursday. I tossed out some ideas to Mr. Jim, but he offered up his collection of antique camera equipment for my photo shoot. That got me excited! 

I tried out some different techniques, so I concentrated on photographing only one camera for the challenge. It is 5 by 7 camera (which denotes the size of the glass plates, in inches) with a focal-plane shutter. The manufacturer was Contessa-Nettle, a German company that was in business between 1919 and 1926. This model was called the “Deckrullo-Nettle.” 

(85mm lens, f/3.5, 1/40 second, ISO 640) 

It is outfitted with a handsome Bausch & Lomb lens. 

(85 mm lens, f/3.8, 1/100 second, ISO 640) 

The carefully machined, metal exposure dial is way beyond my understanding! 

(85mm lens, f/3.8, 1/60 second, ISO 640) 

Most cameras of the day were black leather. This particular one is a tropical version, featuring teak wood, nickel reinforcements on the corners, and brown leather bellows. Oh, the stories that it could tell! 

(18-200mm lens, f/9.0, 1/25 second, ISO 640) 

Besides being functional, a close-up of the leather bellows and folding struts illustrates that this camera is also a work of art. 

(18-200mm lens, f/14.0, 1/15 second, ISO 640)


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  2. Wow these pictures are awesome.
    Beautiful detailed pictures.

  3. I love old cameras! Your photos are fantastic.

  4. Now those beat my Brownie any day. What true works of art! Do they still work by any chance?

    (Donna, I'm having such trouble getting to the "read more" section of your post. It's probably the constraints on my end, but thought I'd mention it in case anyone else is having trouble. I get 503 error messages and sometimes I just get the boot.)

  5. Wow, like this old camera.We had one with the bellows as a kid my Dad used for early family pics.

  6. Great pictures of an old camera! How come you don't understand all those dials??

  7. i do love the browns. the 2nd shot was my favorite. so pretty! nice subject matter!

  8. I do not even have words to describe my delight in seeing the photos of this awesome camera. I would LOVE to get my hands on it!!

  9. Donna these are lovely photos. I love the details, that it makes me want to reach out to the screen and grab the camera. How classic is this camera? Love it!

  10. I'm in the same predicament, I have some wonderful memorabilia antiques here, at home, but dragged my feet also. So glad you took these WONDERFUL shots of Jim's antique camera. Beautiful indeed. Have a great weekend.

  11. Love those. My daughter is collecting antique cameras. She'd love to see these.

  12. Totally beautiful and precious and yes, indeed who knows the stories this camera could tell!

  13. Wonderful photos! I love the colors of the camera!

  14. Fabulous pictures! The camera is pretty swell too. What a treasure.

  15. Wow! I always love your photos! Oh, to see all the places and things that camera has...
    I forgot that today was photo challenge day until I saw your tweet.

  16. Wow, that is a handsome camera and your photos of it are awesome. Can you imagine taking all your pictures that way. We've come a long way in the world of photography

  17. OMW Girl! Thank You Jim for a great idea! And Your edits are just fantastic Donna! I would Love to see what the photos looked like that came from it!!
    Hope you two are resting and enjoying the weekend!

  18. Pristine condition and wonderful shots Donna!!

  19. Great photos, Donna! The camera as a subject is really fascinating, too. Such a great looking old camera is certainly worthy for this challenge. :)

  20. well done as usual Donna...a great post, and a great old camera by the looks..

    I finally got my post done..of some antiques at the NYC Met. None here at my place!


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